How Much Will Autoflower Yield?

how much will autoflower yield

One of the most valuable considerations in planting autoflower seeds is the yield. This is the first factor we think of in choosing a marijuana strain to grow. The thought of growing low-yielding auto-flowering marijuana strain will make motivate you in finding ways on how to increase the yield of your plant.  

Need not to worry. This article will walk you through in understanding the minimum and maximum yield, which factors affect their yield, and how to maximize the yield of your auto-flowering marijuana strain. 

Know that every marijuana strain varies in growing operation, which affects the yield. Read on and let this article enlighten you with what you need to know about how much will autoflower yield. 

What is the Minimum and Maximum Yield of an Autoflower? 

The big question here is, how much will autoflower yield? Is it enough for personal use or best for business, such as breeding and distribution? These questions in mind will interest you in what more do you need to know about the yields of auto-flower marijuana plants. 

This section is divided into two. The minimum yield an auto-flower can produce and the maximum yield an auto-flower can produce. These may be a mere approximation but know that it still depends on the marijuana strain grown. 


The minimum amount of yield you can harvest from auto-flowering plants ranges from 10 to 50 grams per plant in which this is often the counterpart of its relatively short flowering time. This amount of yield is produced by the so-called regular auto-flowering marijuana strains. 

Cannabis sativa strains usually grow short and stout. This cannabis type flourishes fast, but the maximum yield you can harvest from it is up to 30 grams only. On the other hand, cannabis indica induces more vertical growth. The flowering time is longer than the average, but the amount of yield can top up to 50 grams per plant depending on the environmental conditions. 


High-yielding auto-flowering strains are called super auto-flowers. This type can produce buds of up to 200 grams per plant depending on the environmental conditions. You may be disappointed considering that some marijuana strains can thrive up to 900 grams per plant, but be reminded that this is auto-flowering we’re talking about. The goal is to harvest a decent amount of yield within two to four weeks’ time. It gives you more chances to do several batches in a row. 

Super auto-flowers produce large amounts of yield but are quite tedious when it comes to its growing requirements. For example, they do not thrive successfully in small spaces. The more they are provided with a suitable amount of space, they get the right amount of light, nutrients, and air. 

What Affects their Yield? 

The biggest question of them all is what the factors that affect the yield of an auto-flowering marijuana plant are? This is a challenge among marijuana growers whose goal is to boost the bud production of the plant. With these growing considerations, you no longer have to stress about how much will autoflower yield. Read on and know more about these factors to be taken into account. 


Each marijuana plant has unique properties that make them different from others. The best way to create a set of plants with the same properties is through the process called cloning. These are planted through seeds that ensure that the properties are preserved well, producing uniform plants with the same amount of yield. 


As you all know, plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide the way humans breathe in Oxygen. Considering that a grow room is filled with plants. They consume all the amount of CO2 in the room. The absence of this element can slow down the growth of the auto-flowering plant. 

Ensure that your grow room has a ventilation system installed that will help in circulating the outdoor air inside. This will not just benefit the plants, but it will also benefit the household that improves the quality of the air they breathe. 


When a grow room is rich in Carbon Dioxide, the temperature is high. As the CO2 decreases, the temperature lowers, which results in the slowing of growth. The respiration of auto-flowering marijuana strains is quite sensitive. Fluctuations in the amount of CO2 in a room may result in a low-yielding strain. 


Apart from air, water, and light, auto-flowering marijuana strains require nutrients for nourishment. When it comes to this type of plant, there are three elements that help in increasing the yield of your marijuana plant. These are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. The intake follows a dosage ratio of 10-5-5 and 20-10-10. Note that overfeeding and underfeeding can degrade their growth and can lead to death. 


The medium used in growing is also a factor that affects the yield of an auto-flowering plant. Check the texture of the soil if it’s too light or too airy. These properties affect the strength of the roots to hold it all together. If the roots cannot hold them all together, this can damage the growth of the auto-flowering plant. Good quality soil will grasp the roots together that can induce quality bud development. 

Container Size 

The container size used in growing your auto-flowering plant has a say about its yield. When the containers are too small, expect that the yields are small too because they stop growing once they have consumed the space from within. 

On average, if you want to invest in auto-flowering marijuana plants, prepare containers that can hold up to two to three gallons. This will allow the roots to spread out, giving a better hold of the plant’s growth. 

Light Cycle 

We all know that auto-flowering yields adapt to the environment they are grown in. The light cycle has the power to increase or decrease the yield of your plant. A legit auto-flowering marijuana plant will thrive well under different light cycles such as 20/4 and 18/6, which works well than the usual 12/12 light cycle. It is up to you to check which lighting cycle would suit your auto-flowering marijuana best. 


The yield of auto-flowering and photoperiod strains have their differences. Yet most growers still choose auto-flowering over the other considering how much will autoflower yield. The objective of the growers is mostly how this strain type reduces the number of weeks of flowering time. Especially if you are a distributor or you run your own store, growing batch per batch really helps in catering to your customers’ needs. The harvest is not seasonal but comes month after month, which explains that the profit of the business is continuous.

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