How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

how to grow bigger buds outdoors

Cannabis cultivators have some knowledge that the underlying objective of growing cannabis is to have the biggest and healthiest sprouts feasible in their gardens. They also know the sense of disappointment if the ganja they are cultivating does not wholly show the close-packed glutinous sprouts they hope it would. On the other hand, some plants yield low, but they can be changed if growers will always provide great quality of sprouts by following some of the correct steps. It is as well necessary to have bigger buds because they are the parts where the soaring concentration of THC is located as well as the sides that cultivators want to make corrections to ensure they are given a good private stock.

Luckily there are some ways on how to grow bigger buds outdoors. With that, it is important to supply the strains all the conditions they require to develop successfully. The heat from the sun has a vital role to aid the herbs to grow in great conditions. This cannabis sometimes requires a hot temperature during its early phase. However, if they are cultivated outdoors, they have a direct admission from the sun and fresh air that help them grow victoriously. Now, let us have the right things on how to grow bigger buds outdoors.


One of the best ways to assist the cannabis plants in showing bigger buds in cultivating marijuana outdoors is by pruning the herb. Now, growers may consider that pruning their ganja strain or trimming certain parts of the cannabis can be counterproductive. The higher the number of sprouts growing under the cannabis plant, the more distant they are from the awning. But if they grow at the top of the weed, the lower light the bottom sides of the herbs will have. Therefore, the bottom parts of the herbs will have small sprouts developing when it comes to the flowering period. Nonetheless, since the canopy is obstructing the majority of the light, they will not certainly mature and become bigger or more potent.

Feeding to Have Bigger buds

Proper feeding provided to the plant is certainly important if you want to cultivate big buds. Nitrogen is connected to the vegetative cycle, while phosphorus is the nutrient, which is most intimately connected with the sides of the flowering. Providing nutrients like nitrogen to the plants during its vegetative phase makes a healthy and quivering plant on its early stage, which will then grow quickly, which leads to a double amount of yields.

When the cannabis starts the flowering period, it is important to lower the nitrogen levels and raise the phosphorus levels to assist the sprouts in growing completely as well as become close-packed. If cultivated in the soil, it is important to top-dress the soil using bat guano or worm castings during its transformation phase – from vegetative to flowering. Through this method, the phosphorus level will be increased while growers provide other nutrients to their herbs.

Another great way to grow bigger buds includes systematic feeding using compost tea in the soil. This method helps show healthy mycorrhizal connection betwixt the soil and mycelium. To have bigger buds, it is important to provide a great amount of mycelium in the soil. 

Time (Spring Season)

Just like us humans, the plant has its lifecycle as well. For cannabis plants, they grow taller in the spring and the first half of the summer season. When summer solstice has ended, the feminized herbs will develop less, yet they keep their energy to the flowers or the sprouts that can be smoked. Growers should also take note of the exact time of the spring season in their areas. For instance, cultivators in Australia and South Africa can start growing their cannabis plant in October, while growers from Germany and the USA can start it at the end of March.


To cultivate bigger sprouts outdoors, the cannabis herbs should acquire the greatest temperature settings since the start of its process as well as to receive the right amount of sunlight every day. In growing cannabis strains outdoors, the weather conditions should also be considered because it can as well affect the cultivators. Sometimes, growers can put their plants indoors because cultivating them indoors and with the right amount of lighting can increase the speed in growing their sprouts. The strength of the grow lights for cannabis is the most important part of it – the more enormous the light, the thicker the herbs will turn out.

Raising the potency of light is not hard at all. Cultivators merely need to adjust the lights adjacent to the herbs. The light must straightforwardly hit the sprouts themselves to have the greatest growth feasible.


Training the cannabis plant is another great way to ensure that the sprouts grow bigger and healthier when cultivated outdoors. What cultivators need to acknowledge is that if they allow the herbs grown in pots grown by them, they will develop one big middle stem, sometimes implied as to the stem that grows higher compared to all of the surrounded boughs. It is real that the big stalk will develop to a great and big cola that is the middle stalk’s crown nugget, however, the bottom part up to the middle stalk of the strain that is much bigger than the surrounding boughs is covering the light from those boughs and the reason why the sprouts and colas on the surrounding boughs do not receive as much sunlight as they are expected.

To correct this problem, cultivators should apply some great old and stress-free training. This is the step where growers gently curve down the boughs so they will be more horizontal and nearly reach the bottom part that can be used in the main stem. Through this, an equal herb canopy will be created that has all of the boughs inclusive of the middle stem and surrounding boughs to get the same number of sunlight and plenty of it. This process is somehow hard because tying the herbs down and not causing any damages can be hard, however, it is the greatest solution to grow bigger buds outdoors. To achieve it, it is necessary to have extra cautious to not break any boughs, particularly the middle stem.

The underlying criterion is that whether cultivators grow their cannabis indoors or outdoors, how to grow bigger buds is one-thing marijuana users and cultivators want to know. In the end, the total degree of cultivating our plant is to provide ourselves with a lot of virtuous long-term humane we have. With that, it is necessary to locate the weeds well, provide them the best prune, assure that they can get the correct amount of nutrients, and do not put them below any tress. If these tricks and tips are followed, growers must not have problems having bigger and powerful sprouts, especially if grown outdoors.

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