How to Grow Weed in a Closet

how to grow weed in a closet

If you are planning on growing cannabis, but you have limited space for cultivation, the usual go-to suggestions are using a grow tent or assigning a grow room. But, are you aware that you can also use your closet as the growing area of your favorite plant? You might have questions about lighting and ventilation. All of those will be answered and more! In this article, you will know how this is possible and how to grow weed in a closet.

Is a Successful Cultivation In a Closet Possible?

Though some experts are initially hesitant on this matter, it has been proven countless times that cannabis plants will not only survive but thrive in a closet space setup. This is, in fact, great news for thousands of cannabis enthusiasts that do not have access to lots of space.

However, it is also important to note that growing situations like this will be possible only if you are willing to learn and follow through with different growing requirements that you must master.

What Tools and Equipment Do You Need to Prepare?

Before you embark on this growing adventure, there are a few materials that you must prepare aside from setting up your closet.

  1. A small fan
  2. A timer to control lights
  3. Carbon filter
  4. Container for your plants
  5. A hanger or a contraption to hang lights
  6. Seeds of your preferred cannabis strain
  7. A platter, plank, or flat surface where you can place the plant containers
  8. Water
  9. Your preferred growing medium

Aside from these things, if you want something extra, you can also include a pH level test kit for your growing medium, some paint to decorate your grow space, a net for plant training, and a thermometer for testing out humidity and temperatures.

The Brief Process on How to Grow Weed in a Closet

Step 1

Begin by cleaning out your closet and ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and dust inside. Before you place anything related to cannabis growing, sanitize the space so that there is no chance that your cultivation will get infected by mold.

Step 2

Paint the interiors, and the different parts of the grow room, should you wish, with any color that you prefer. If that’s not your thing, you can also cover the lining and walls of the closet with some stable heavy-duty plastic.

Step 3

Next, hang the lighting set up for your cannabis plants. Having a lighting system is very important in cannabis cultivation as it can immensely influence the value and potency of the plant’s future yields. There are many different options that you can choose from – but many home growers have been leaning towards LED lights. LED lights to remain unbeaten in being cost-efficient, easy to install, and being suitable for almost all types of cannabis. Aside from that, LED lights do not produce heat – making it a good addition to your garden without having to mess up the entire grows area.

Step 4

Place the container of your cannabis plants inside. Your container will be dependent on the growing medium that you choose to explore. One option is through hydroponics set up. Systems like this use of water that has been enriched with nutrients to grow the cannabis plant. This is an irrigation system that does not require too much maintenance, and it allows the cultivator to have a greater influence on the plant’s various growing requirements. But, if you want to go simple and traditional, you can also grow through using soil. When you partner this with an organic nutrient mixture, you will be able to slowly release the nutrients every time that you water your plant. 

Step 5

Place your carbon filters and set up ventilation inside the space – it can be as simple as a small fan. The air circulation in small cannabis grows closet is very important to maintain so that your plant will grow up healthy and rewarding you with bountiful yields. Some growers prefer to open up a window to let light in the room, but the best way to go with this is to keep to use a small fan to get rid of the infestation inmates.

Step 6

That’s it. You are free to grow your cannabis seeds and follow steps as you would other indoor cultivations.

Addition Closet Set Up Cultivation Tips

1. Now that you know how to grow weed in a closet, you should also learn about how you should maintain the plant size while they are developing inside. You have to learn how to control the height and width of your cannabis plant. This can be done by the application of different plant caring techniques. You can research on pruning, topping, and other techniques that you can apply so that your plant will not grow too big.

2. Another way to ensure that you won’t get cannabis sizes that are a little harder to maintain is leaning towards seeds that grow up to be plants that are small in stature. You can also opt into growing autoflowering cannabis plants, as they usually grow short in terms of height.

3. A grower’s situation does not end in learning and trying how to grow weed in a closet. It is also important to treat your cultivation as an essential responsibility. At least twice a day, one in the morning and one in the night, worth of visit would be more than enough.

4. How big of a closet should you start with? Well, that is dependent directly on the number of plants you are actually planning to grow. If you are a beginner, it would be best to start with 2 to 4 simultaneously, so that you will not feel too overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to grow weed in a closet is something that is quite easy to accomplish – even for cannabis beginners. Just make sure to follow all of the instructions very carefully and that you build relationships with experts so that you can make your cannabis plant happy, healthy, and oozing with great quality.

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