How to Know if a Weed Strain is High in CBD

how to know if a weed strain is high in cbd

Having amazing medicinal effects and lighter effects, CBD high strains are sought after not only by patients in need of instant pain relief and medication, by also by smokers who just wanted to indulge in the world of ultimate relaxation, minus the huge possibilities of side effects. In looking for the most suitable weed to indulge in, you might be wondering how to know if a weed strain is high in CBD. Aside from the scent and flavor, understanding the CBD levels in your weed plays a big role in an ultimate indulging experience.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is often sought for medical conditions for its gentle effects since it has lesser chances of projecting side effects. It is also highly recommended for novice smokers for its lighter effects. 

CBD Ratio in a Marijuana Strain

Before smoking a CBD high strain, it is important to check how high its CBD components are. Two CBD high strains can still have different impacts despite the fact that they are both dominated by CBD levels. The genetics of the weed plays a big part in a strain’s compound ratios. The mix of indica, sativa, or ruderalis genetics determines the production of CBD compounds. 

A pack of weed may indicate a percentage in the label, but that alone does not define everything. You have to take the weed itself and observe how it affects you. The reactions of the mind and body depend upon one’s tolerance, too, no matter what a label says. Though there are laboratory tests performed before the weed was labeled, CBD levels are decarboxylated or triggered only after being heated by your lighter or vaporizer. The level of heat you might have used may be different from the level of heat used in the laboratories. Testing facilities also have different ways of calculations, so the levels you see on the label are more of a guide than a specific one.

Initially, a cannabis strain only has THCA and CBDA components. They are only converted as CBD upon decarboxylation. That is why your method of consumption is also important. Once the cannabis strain makes contact with your oven, vaporizer, or lighter, the THC and CBD levels are unleashed. This occurs when the heat reaches around 180 degrees Celsius. Going beyond this temperature level will cause the vaporization of terpenes and CBD levels, which is also known as combustion. An exact estimation of CBD levels will be tricky, as it will still depend upon your tolerance and how the cannabis strain was consumed. It also depends on your trusted breeder’s honesty on the accurate measurements. There is a big possibility that most cannabis strains available in the market today have misleading labels. 

No need to worry, though. You can still predict and anticipate the CBD levels in your weed strain without the need to perform expert calculations and owning heavy equipment. While you can consult other marijuana smokers or growers for recommendations, observing the mind and body effects on your own is the sure way to go, considering we have different tolerance levels too. 

Differentiate Strain Types

Aside from knowing what CBD is, you should know how to differentiate THC dominant strains, CBD dominant strains, and balanced strains from each other. As you can infer from the name itself, THC dominant strains have more THC components, while CBD dominant strains have more CBD components. Balanced strains possess significant THC and CBD levels, but lesser THC level than THC dominant ones. 

Since THC dominant strains induce the psychoactive aspects, it triggers the euphoric high or most commonly known as the stone effect. A CBD high strain, being in charge of the non-psychoactive aspects, does not cause this feeling. If you are struggling with anxiety, a THC dominant strain will level up your anxiety to a state of paranoia. CBD high strains relieve feelings of anxiety instead.

How to Know if a Weed Strain is High in CBD

CBD strains do not cause short term memory loss. It actually calms any racing thoughts without the couchlock while helping you become more alert and productive at the same time. THC dominant strains are more likely to be sedative, but some CBD high strains can still project sedative effects. There are CBD high strains that can make you sleepy right away, while some can make you sleepy after the productive effects. Again, this depends upon the consumption method and THC and CBD ratio. CBD high strains tend to trigger fewer munchies, though combination with THC may induce hunger more, helping with anorexia and other conditions related to loss of appetite.

In terms of consumption method, CBD strains can be taken through tinctures and oils. Taking the strain this way requires a dropper, allowing easier observation as you slowly increase your intake. You may also take it through vaping, just make sure the vape cartridges are from an accredited source. CBD can be taken through edibles as well. However, this consumption method requires the travel time of the CBD components from your mouth to your gastrointestinal tract. This can limit the CBD amount that makes it to your senses. Another way is by smoking for fast absorption. Measuring CBD levels this way may be tricky, though, as some strain effects do not kick in right away.

Know how CBD Components are Extracted

Checking how CBD components were extracted is another way of how to know if a weed strain is high in CBD. 

It is important to note that CBD oils are not exactly the same as hemp oils. CBD oils are obtained from marijuana plants and contain CBD components, while hemp plants are from hemp plant seeds. Hemp oil does not contain CBD. CBD may be extracted by using solvents like carbon dioxide, ethanol, butane, kerosene, etc. Carbon dioxide is commonly used for high- end extractions. The rest are for low-end ones. There is also a big difference between a CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD has other compounds with CBD, while CBD isolate has additives.

Lastly, the best way to identify if a weed strain is high is CBD is the medicinal effects. Further researches are still being conducted, but it has been proven and tested that CBD high strains are powerful medically. It helps with a variety of mental conditions, and if often used by athletes for physical pains. 

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Knowing if a weed strain is high in CBD is not as simple as taking a measuring tool to get an exact percentage. Even sophisticated laboratories can only do so much. Also, not all cannabis users are critical with numbers. They mostly focus on the experience. It will require some of your time, patience, some research, observation skills, and ability to discern, but knowing a strain’s CBD components will greatly help you in choosing the right strain. You can also help other users or farmers seeking recommendations in the future.

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