How to Make Cannabutter

how to make cannabutter

Marijuana or weed is just one of the names which you can call aside from using cannabis. Mary Jane, or as an altered name for “marijuana” is sometimes used and more often in the informal language. When talking about other edibles on how to consume marijuana easily, this will target the dart of the known “cannabutter.” The first idea may be related to “what is cannabutter?” or “how to make cannabutter?” Hence, let’s propel the paddle by knowing what cannabutter is first. The word “cannabutter” is joined. It originates from cannabis plus butter, taking away the “canna” from cannabis and the whole word for “butter.”

Many people have turned in using cannabutter than some of those other methods. Thus, the other methods are smoking, vaping, dabbing, or making it as oil. Cannabutter can be easily comprehended by its name cause you can easily tell that it was mixed with cannabis and butter. Well, you are not all wrong on that part, but it comes with a twist that it can be the simplest form to use, but the process is never at simple. If you don’t want a homemade cannabutter, then you can turn your head straight in some dispensaries as they are selling it. You can also purchase it according to the cannabis which you have loved the most. However, you can more enjoy your cannabutter after doing it as you will be happy that your recipe has been followed and according to every bit of your likeliness.

The Two General Steps on How to Make Cannabutter 

By just looking at the name, it then suggests that cannabis is a mix of cannabis and butter. Cannabutter is usually used to create sweet goodies like brownies and cookies; henceforth, cannabutter is a portion of edible food that you won’t bear consciousness of using it. The need to choose and settle on the impacts which you wanted to imply within yourself is the first thing you should mind when making cannabutter. Cannabis can be in high in Sativa or Indica, but this does not mostly give you the receipts on what to consider when making cannabis. The most part which you should understand is the two major cannabinoids, which are the THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC hits you an intensifying of psychoactive impacts while the Cannabidiol or CBD prompts only medical benefits and not the psychoactive impact. 

Considering the amount of THC and CBD will lessen the worst reactions or will draw you away from the heaps of what you considered as a dangerous feeling. It’s either you want to be intoxicated or just plainly use the numerous medical benefits. You can be one of those who use cannabis, a mainstream decision, wanting to experience the effects or just claim the therapeutic effects. Thus, cannabutter will bring you a way to easily consume it. Below are the two major steps which you need to follow thoroughly and must be at best to attain the product in its best form and substance. 

Additionally, you don’t need to have the ace in cooking skills or expert in making cannabutter as basic skills are only needed. A simple “pay attention” to all the details will give you the best output. Well, the patience and versatility must be on point and always be ready to tap as when such circumstances may arise, you can then turn it off and place it back in the right position. Be very composed at all times, no matter what situation may arise, and surely you will achieve the best cannabutter despite your basic skills. Follow the steps below to make cannabutter appropriately. 

Step 1: The “Decarboxylation” Process

Never forget to prepare the cannabis you want, or you have before starting to make cannabutter. You need to perform the decarboxylation process, as this will convert inactive cannabinoids into an active one. One of the inactive cannabinoids found in cannabis is the THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid). The process can also be named as “decarbing” as you are going to ignite the cannabinoids to be active. Thus, you will make it into a pure THC and CBD content. After on it, the THC and CBD will be mixed to bring you the best terpene and impacts. 

In order to activate both the THC and CBD contents, preheating the oven is the first thing to do. At around 115 degrees Celsius or 240 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature scale. Fourteen grams or 1 and a half-ounce of cannabis must be placed in the baking paper. You need to wait for about 30 to 40 minutes to make sure it is well heated. By means of using fresh and pure cannabis, cooking it for about 1 hour is the best initial process. An old or dry cannabis can also be used, and the time to cook it is just short. Hence, for about 20 minutes, you are initially done in cooking your cannabis or done in the first phase of it. Never forget to stir and flip your cannabis to avoid it from burning. You need to balance how it is cooked, and you can see it when the color started to change. The last vivid color must be the dark brown-green from a bright green hue. The most major step of doing the decarboxylation process is mindful of the oven temperature. Therefore, make sure that it will not go beyond 115 degrees Celsius or 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing the decarboxylation process will bring you the best aroma, flavor, and the therapeutic effects of your chosen cannabis. 

Step 2: The Stovetop Cooking 

After the decarboxylation process or the part where you cannabis’ cannabinoids are activated, you must have the following list below to perform the second or last process.

  • The 14 grams or 1 and a half decarboxylated cannabis (the output from the first process),
  • 1000 ml of water – You need to place it in two cups, and both cups must have 500 ml of water,
  • 225 grams of butter – You can have 2 sticks of it, but it’s best if it has the measurement of 225 grams or 8 ounces,
  • Saucepan – can be in medium or large size and make sure it has a lid with it,
  • Spoon – it’s best to use a wooden type,
  • Two cheese cloths, and
  • Bowl or container – a glass one to be used after you’re done making the cannabutter. 

The first step on the second process is you need to put you the fire at a low level of heat and then boil the water on it. Throughout it, you need to add the butter. If the butter starts to melt, stir it all over the place of your pot, and once it is done melting, this is the time when you put your decarboxylated cannabis. Your lid will be the best heat trapper and wait for about 3 to 4 hours to make sure that the butter will penetrate in the cannabis. Do not just wait or stand looking on it as you need to stir it every 20 to 30 minutes to avoid burned cannabutter. A glossy appearance and the thickness of its structure is the indication that the mixture is completed. 

The two cheese cloths must be placed in your bowl or container. Always remember to use the glass type. You then need to transfer the mixture on it and drain the liquid the mixture causes too. For about 30 to 60 minutes, this is the time where you need to not touch the cannabis and make sure its heat will be gone. After it’s in a cool state, you need to put the bowl in your refrigerator as this will help the butter to be separated away from the water. The appearance would be like a thick top coating. 

Your hand must not be weighty enough as the need to be careful in scraping the butter is a must. After scrapping the butter, put in a new container and your refrigerator for a short time. You can freeze it up for about 6 months. There, your cannabutter is now done. If you wanted to bake some goodies, then you can use the cannabutter as the pure butter on it. You can also use half of it, then another half from the regular butter. 

For about an hour and 30 minutes or half of it, you may not easily notice the effects it can give to you. It may take up some time to 2 to 4 hours to completely sink on you. Your gender, metabolism, and body weight can be a factor in what level of effects it can kick in. You can also get normal adverse reactions when using cannabis through vaping or smoking. It will prompt you the dryness feeling in the mouth and eyes. Sometimes, the case of sleepiness and paranoia may hit you. Your senses will be changed that sometimes it’s hard to move according to your will when you overused on it. A piece of advice, do not overuse cannabutter as it may hit you some effects which you are not prepared of, or you don’t want to experience. It is always harmless upon consumption, but you need to always have the ability of being constrained on the measurements. 

Let’s go back to the case of making cannabutter. If you are not careful enough or following the instructions thoroughly, of how to make cannabutter, it will present you with the hazardous elements that can penetrate the normal food. Kids whose age is five are the most recipient of the high risk of unintentional toxic elements on the food. Here are some tips which you need to avoid to eliminate the risk of putting your child or family member’s health at risk.

The first mistake that can happen is when you just cooked the raw cannabis and not undergoing the decarboxylating process. Do not over grind it or avoid making it like a powder. The best appearance should be too close to the appearance of dried oregano. Sometimes, over-grinding can cause a bitter taste. Only use the correct amount and cannabis, do not impose too low or too high of it. Thus, always follow the given measurement above in this article. Do not ever forget the usage of water, and when you’re cooking it, if the time is not still finished, add some water when it starts to lower down due to evaporation. But, only place an ample amount of it or the amount which it needs the most. Lastly, always limit the usage of it as it can trigger some bad reactions in your body.


Cannabutter, as an alternative edible, when you start utilizing cannabis, is so easy to adapt and simple to make. You can improve your situation through its medical benefits when you’ve used it on your food. It will then help you make feel better and guarantees you the safest route out of some conditions. The guarantee on how to make cannabutter at best is when you appropriately follow all the instructions given above. If you don’t want to encounter psychoactive impacts, then you need to make sure you do not use the high THC cannabis. Always be mindful of your acts when using it to not rear any harmful effects. Enjoy your cannabutter throughout the times, and always bear the safety measurements!

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