How to Make Hash at Home

how to make hash

The cannabis plants have small fragments on it, and they are the trichomes. The trichomes can be distinguished from the marijuana plant, and it is called hash. There are ways that you should follow in making hash at home. Yes, you read it right. You can make hash at home. All you need to do is to find out how. This article would help you in knowing how to make hash at home.

Hash has different colors depending on its quality. Golden hash with a bit of brown color is a high quality kind of hash while the other hash that is a bit green in color is the opposite quality hash.

Methods in Making Hash at Home

The extracted trichomes from the plants will become a powdery substance. There are different methods of making hash, and you can choose one of the following methods.

1. Hand Rolling

This method is very simple to do in making hash. It does not require lots of tools and materials. This is a traditional way of creating a hash and can still be used nowadays. Nevertheless, the process of it will take so much, and it will only produce not so heavy yields. It takes hard work when you do this method. The things you need in this method is the cannabis stem and make sure it is not dry and make sure your hands are clean.


First, you need to wash your hands and clean them. The soap that you have to use in cleaning your hands should not be scented. Next, remove the leaves and the buds of your cannabis. Then, the buds should be placed in the middle of your palms, and you need to roll them. Lastly, put your hash in a clean area, and you need to press them in order for you to create a tiny ball-like shape.

2. Dry Sifting

You can use this method because it is very easy, and it is a known way of hash making. Freeze your marijuana using a zip lock bag, and you need to freeze it all night. It will make your cannabis easy to distinguish the trichomes from the cannabis plant. You may need the trimmings for cannabis, silkscreen, a paper that is used for baking, and a credit card.


First, put the baking paper in a clean area. You can use anything as long as it is clean. Make sure the paper is larger compared with your silkscreen. Next, your silkscreen should be placed on the baking paper. The cannabis trimmings should be above the silkscreen. Your hands can be used in moving the cannabis trimmings on the silkscreen. This way, the trichomes can be separated from the cannabis plant. Then, it is important that you will not stop moving the trimmings along with the silkscreen until you can get a total of 10 % – 20 % trimmings. Lastly, you can get the hash by pressing them with the use of a credit card in order to create good piles.

3. Blending

the above-mentioned methods are simple as well as this method. You can use some things you can find at home when you want to use this method. You should prepare cannabis trimmings, ice water, blender, silkscreen, coffee filter, and extra-large jar, and it should be glass jar.


First, cannabis trimmings should be placed inside of a blender, and there should be a proper amount of water and lots of ice. You need to blend them for a minute so the outcome will be thick. Next, use silkscreen in draining the mixture. You should put them in the jar. If you see tiny particles inside of a jar, those are the hash. Put ice on the jar for 3 minutes. You can repeat the steps. Then, you can use the coffee filter in straining the substance, and the water should be removed. Lastly, you should dry the hash, and you will be able to get a good hash.

4. Using bubble bags

This method is new when it comes to making hash. You need to have some
tools in using this method. This method is very good at making great yields. You need to have cannabis mesh bags, cannabis trimmings, ice water, wooden spoon, 2 buckets.


First, put your cannabis trimmings inside of a bucket. The bucket should have lots of ice in it. Put water in it, too. Second, you need to stir the mixture inside of the bucket for 15 minutes. If the water is cold, it will make brittle trichomes. Next, prepare the cannabis mesh bag using other bucket. You can put the mixture inside of the bucket with the use of the bags. You need to put away the first mesh bag from the bucket. Then, you can repeat the procedures. Lastly, the hash should be removed and let it dry.

5. Using a Mechanical Drum

This is a method of making a hash that is very professional. It is somewhat similar to dry sifting. In this method it involves the use of a machine. There is a drum with silkscreen that is big. It will spin once you turn it on, and it causes the trichomes to be removed from the marijuana plant. Nevertheless, the drum to be used in this method is very expensive. You should prepare the cannabis trimmings and the pollinator or the drum.


You need to place the trimmings in the drum, and you can turn it on. The pollinator will do the work itself. By doing this, the cannabis plant will separate to the trichomes.


There may be different methods on how to make hash at home, but you need to remember to choose the methods that you preferred, and that is convenient for you. You need to remember to follow the steps and prepare the materials or tools needed for you to successfully make hash at home. Whichever methods you follow, if you will be able to get the right steps, you will surely get great yields and good hash.

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