How to Roll a Blunt Perfectly

how to roll a blunt

These days when everything about marijuana is known to everybody and that everything is made available to be used for weed-smoking, various ways on how to deliciously indulge in it have been invented, too. It includes smoking weeds through a joint, a bong, and the best of all so far is blunt. Therefore, to learn how to roll a blunt perfectly is a top priority, too.

What is a Blunt

Very much similar to a cigarette, a blunt is a cigar that was removed of all its insides composed of leaves and other added elements. Compared to a cigar, this one smoking tool is made up of the magical leafy herb that brings the powerful sedation that everybody loves. Some people prefer to have it in some various flavors of the wrap, while others still like the classic tobacco wrap.

In any way, you want to smoke it is fine, but the problem is in how perfect you can prepare your own blunt for a nice smoking experience to come. For beginners, the process is simple and easy to follow, so they can be just like a pro when rolling their own blunt piece.

How to Roll a Blunt Perfectly

Before starting on the whole process of rolling, baking, and smoking, the very first important step to do is prepare everything that shall be used. You will need:

  • A blunt wrap of your choice
  • Weed or cannabis
  • A lighter
  • A rolling tray
  • A blunt splitter

After preparing all of those things in one place where the preparation is to be made, once ready, start with step 1 and go on to create your own piece of wonderful bud product.

Step 1

Grind the cannabis of your choice. The amount of weeds to use depends highly on the size of the blunt you like to produce, but normally, the normal size of blunt measures up to 1 to 2 grams. Also, considering the number of people in the group may be necessary, too. Grind the buds to as small as in a shake with a grinder or manually using your bare hands. For those aiming to achieve an evenly blended bud, breaking them down into very tiny ones is recommended. However, performing it through the traditional way is also preferred for people who like to let their weed blunts burn slower and tastier.

Step 2

Prepare the blunt wrap that you have chosen. Some very famous types of cigarillo that are traditionally smoked by connoisseurs and ordinary smokers include Swisher Sweets, Phillies, and Backwoods. Crack it open using a specialized tool or your hands if you are skilled enough with fingers that cut so smoothly and straight. This is a crucial stage since the empty is what you will be used in containing the buds you will smoke. The cut has to be as straight as possible, have only one cut direction in the middle down, and go slowly as possible to avoid unnecessary redirection. After that, empty the cigar and throw away its fillers.

Step 3

Wet the wrapper using a small amount of your own saliva if the blunt is for your own consumption only. But, if it is for someone else, it is better to use your fingertips and some tap water. A little moisture helps in easier shaping and in placing the buds inside. Position the ground buds in uniform log-like formation, so it is ready for the next step of the process.

Step 4

Fold the blunt in a gentle and careful manner in the best way that you can. Such a perfect tucking technique rarely comes to anyone and usually happens after a few practices. Pick up the blunt first with both of your hands and roll it back and forth in your hands, too. In this case, if some buds fall out of your hand, let it be or use a rolling tray to catch any excess or falling buds. Some gummy adhesives may also be used to pack the buds even stronger and repair any defect you find while working on it in the next step.

Step 5

Bake the blunt and enjoy savoring its highly sedating smoke. Baking the blunt means heating the outer covers of the blunt with a lighter. However, be careful not to place the lighter too close to the blunt so as not to burn the entire product. Once ready, get the ball rolling for some moment of wonderful indulgence and simply light up your own home-made blunt.

Other Ways to Enjoy Some Weeds through Smoking

If one is not comfortable smoking weeds in a blunt, nothing to worry nor be sad about, for there are a lot more ways to consume the delightful bud variety of your preference. This includes the following:

  • Vaporizer, simply known as vape or vape pen is on top as it is the best and the healthiest of all forms of cannabis smoking. Through this, smokers just get to inhale the vapor of the buds they used and not letting any of its tar residues get inside the body. The only drawback that this marijuana tool is that it is too expensive, which is only good for those regular weed consumers. Getting oneself stoned for occasional users that are cheaper but still easier to use are also available.
  • Bong is an all-around turn-to manner of using weeds that can get anyone extremely high with sedation. It is the easiest and fastest way so far that can be done through glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, and sometimes even with bamboo as well. Its main trait is that the smoke it creates passes through some amount of water before it reaches your nostrils down to your lungs. Bongs also come in some famous other forms like carburetor bong, straight-tube bong, percolator bong, and waterfall gravity bong.
  • G-Pen is just like a vaporizer and a blunt, which is also healthy and easy to use. It can be brought with you anywhere so you can take some dose any time you like, too. While using it, just imagine yourself smoking weeds through some ordinary electronic cigarettes.
  • Joint, the bestselling form of all that is also very familiar to almost all cannabis users in the world. It is the most common way that smokers consume weeds, made up of some special paper and weeds inside. The paper to be used is not just any ordinary paper, but what is called smoking papers that are created from wood pulp or rice.
  • Tinfoil is another form of old school weed-smoking method that even the bad kids back in high school did. It is easy to prepare and to smoke that many cannabis enthusiasts choose this over the others. This should be fine for those who like to get the strongest high ever out of the psychoactive effect that the bud you use can provide.
  • Gas Mask method is simply about putting a gas mask in your ace while your bong is in your mouth to be smoked. Once the mask is ready, smoke it away and watch out how much sedated you shall get after a few minutes. You’ll end up in a pool of sky-high sedation, with thick white clouds covering your face and enters through your lungs. No amount of smoke can ever escape from your mask, so all of it goes up to your brain to serve you well.
  • Huka, an ideal bud indulgence for those smoking with a large group of people. This is more convenient to use than a joint, especially in a social setting or gathering of friends. The high is milder due to the higher amount of tobacco burned during the session. However, this must be done only during the special occasion as the impact it shall have on your brain may be a bit destruction at some point, too.
  • Straight to the Dome is not a tool but simply a way of savoring the weed you have chosen from the smoke that it produces. It is the easiest way but also not the smartest of all. No need for a bong or a blunt or anything, just you and the buds you want to smoke. This method is popular and is simply done by putting a nug of marijuana in your left nostril, burning the bud, and plugging your right nostril before fully inhaling the smoke. That is exactly what you mean by ‘straight to the dome.’ This is the way to go when you are so down with nothing to do.

Benefits of Using a Blunt

Above all those choices you see on the list is the knowledge of the great advantages that one can achieve from choosing to use a blunt. Some of its benefits are thus on the list below.

  1. More potent and powerful effects due to the perfect combination of weeds and tobacco when smoked. It adds buzziness and some energizing impact to the sedation.
  2. Something more enticing in the flavors and scent is acquired from the burning blunt. This is especially more pleasant when used with a flavored blunt wrap or a nice cigar, too.
  3. It can be brought anytime and anywhere. Similar to a joint, blunts are easy to carry.
  4. A slow-motioned burning process that takes longer than a joint to be enjoyed by stoners.

Final Thoughts

After learning about how to roll a blunt perfectly and about the great things they can possibly get from the product, smokers may now be happily practicing the steps at home to apply everything they have read. Practice makes perfect, they say. So, just keep practicing and just keep trying any weed you like as long as you know how to prepare your buds in the most delicious way possible.

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