Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Searching to know the different Indica and Sativa dominant hybrid strains? Hybrid marijuana is an excellent addition to the diversity that makes up the world of cannabis plants alongside Indica and Sativa strains. 

Whether you are a grower or a cannabis shop owner it is essential to know about the different strains of marijuana. However, this can be an overwhelming task for most people since there are several strains you need to be familiar with. The main focus of this article is about hybrid strains.

Varieties of Cannabis Plants

According to a recently published cannabis research, marijuana can be divided into several strains. There are several varieties of cannabis plants but it is generally classified into two primary strains called Sativa and Indica. Cannabis Sativa is usually used for promoting creativity and increasing energy as well as alertness. The high that you can get from this cannabis strain is considered a head high rather than a full-body high. The second strain called Cannabis Indica which provides a relaxing body high. Cannabis Indica is widely used as a sleep aid, pain reliever and appetite booster.

What is Hybrid Marijuana?

Hybrid marijuana is made by combining Indica and Sativa strains. Nowadays, marijuana strains available on the market are not always pure Sativa or pure Indica. Hybrid marijuana strains possess characteristics of the dominant parent with fewer features of the secondary variety. 

Here are the three basic categories of hybrids:

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strains

Sativa dominant hybrids have features similar to Sativa strains that produce a cerebral high when consumed. Sativa hybrid strains provide balance to the physical and mental state easily. In particular, Sour Diesel is an example of a Sativa dominant hybrid.

  • Indica Dominant Hybrids

Indica Dominant Hybrids produce the same effects to that of pure Indica strains. They are usually used for treating full-body pain and insomnia with its body and head-high attributes. Some popular examples of Indica dominant Hybrids include Blackberry Kush, Kosher Kush, and Skywalker Og.

  • Even Hybrids

Even Hybrids strains of cannabis plants also called 50/50 hybrids are equally created using the Indicas and Sativas in the same ratio. These strains are perfect mixtures that affect the mind and body that customize the experience for the user. Some of the Even Hybrids you can find are Purple Diesel and Silver Haze.

What are the effects of Hybrid Marijuana?

The hybrid marijuana genetics determines the effects people will experience once they consume this type of cannabis strain. Sativa dominant hybrid strains are more likely to cause uplifting effect, while Indica dominant strains may induce a relaxing feel to a person.

Differentiating Sativa from Indica only gives us a partial picture of a cannabis strain’s effects. That is why it is also crucial to know the ratio of THC and CBD contents of the marijuana product. These different attributes of cannabis play a huge role as to how a hybrid strain works in the human body. Having the right knowledge of these factors can help cannabis consumers choose an ideal strain for them. However, even if you have all this information handy the best way still to figure out the effects of a hybrid strain in your body is to use it starting with a small amount and consume slowly. 

Hybrid marijuana strains provide its users with the best of both worlds. Choosing hybrid marijuana can accommodate the different preferences of its consumers. It also gives growers more freedom to choose crops that work well for their growing space and harvesting needs.

Where do hybrid marijuana strains come from?

Hybrids come from crossbreeding Indica and Sativa cannabis plants. For many years, the farmers in the U.S. have sought to improve the quality of their crops by hybridizing them with various species from around the globe. This is also the same as the modern marijuana breeding. So far what we know is that it began in the mid-60s on the west coast part of the United States as well as Canada and is still continuously developing up to the present time. Growers have successfully combined mold-resistant equatorial Sativas and subtropical Indicas for a more viable commercially produces crops.

Cannabis is a dioecious plant with male and female sexes and is an annual crop that reproduces through pollination and creating seeds. Most of the wild hybrids are unstable blends of both parents. Just like in humans, cannabis future generations could produce wildly diverse mixes of the parents’ genes. Breeders selectively inbreed generations of the same hybrid also called back-crossing to try stabilizing a new hybrid, until the subsequent generation of hybrid expresses its genes more consistently.

How to choose the best hybrid marijuana strains?

The best way to breed or grow hybrid marijuana plants mainly depends on what the breeder or grower wants to achieve. Recreational marijuana will require an exact opposite buzz from using marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

  • Look for Sativa-Dominant Hybrids When You Seek to Increase Energy

Sativa-dominant marijuana strains have naturally higher levels of THC. This cannabinoid is a primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis plants. Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana is perfect to create a high-energy level needed in parties and social gatherings. However, there are some instances that if the THC content is too high it can create feelings of paranoia, anxiety and other adverse side effects.

  • Choose Indica-Dominant Hybrids for a More Relaxed Experience

Indica-dominant strains tend to cause a sleepy sensation and promote relaxation. The Indica-dominant strain is an effective option for treating sleep apnea and insomnia, etc. Cannabis degeneration creates a cannabinol (CBN) end product, so one technique you can use to increase the rest inducing properties of marijuana is to let it dry out in the sun.

  • For Pain Management Seek for High CBD Strains

Even if THC has some effective pain-relieving properties, more people now prefer to use cannabis with high CBD and low in THC, especially those patients with sensitivity to certain levels of THC. This gives excellent pain relief without the high feeling that comes from using cannabis containing high THC level. When choosing hybrid strain for pain management it is best to buy the strain with a balanced combination of THC and CBD levels. The medical and health communities have some promising evidence of the CBD benefits that can be used for many types of medical conditions and diseases treatment.  

Hybrid Marijuana Strains

Here are a few examples of some hybrid marijuana strains you can find on the market:

White Widow is probably one of the most popular hybrid cannabis strains among growers because it is easy to cultivate and can withstand unfavorable weather conditions. White Widow’s known effects include strong euphoria, energy burst as well as encouraging conversations and creativity.

The OG Kush hybrid cannabis strain is a potent variety of medical marijuana that is known for its appearance, distinctive aroma, and psychoactive effects. Aside from providing body relaxation effects, OG Kush can also help to treat stress, depression, and pain among others. 

  • Blueberry Haze

Blueberry Haze was developed after combining the genetics of Blueberry and Haze strains. One of the effects of Blueberry Haze strains is the increase in cerebral stimulation. It has a tasty flavored bud providing a pleasant high. 

  • Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies buds contain 17 to 20 percent THC and about 0.50 percent CBD. This is a perfect strain for those people finding alternative relief for the pain. Girl Scout Cookies is a potent cannabis product that’s great for daytime smoking. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies produce a sweet and spicy, oven-baked aroma.

  • Chiesel

This hybrid is a combination of Cheese and Diesel strains that brings a signature of highly Sativa-dominant cannabis experience. You’ll feel comfortably high and euphoric throughout the experience, with the ability to focus and function. Expect a couple of fun and easy hours that will leave you ready for a good night’s sleep after all is said and done.

How to Use Hybrid Marijuana Products

There are different ways to consume hybrid marijuana products. The quickest method to feel the effects of cannabis is by smoking it but this is not always recommended to everyone. Below are the other methods you can use to administer hybrid marijuana products. 

  • Vaporization This is a healthier substitute to smoking and it also fasts relief.
  • Tinctures  This is a better option for people who do not like smoking or vaping. Marijuana that is in liquid forms can be added to beverages or food products.
  • Topical Cannabis products like these do not contain psychoactive properties and are applied to the skin to treat pain or inflammation.
  • Sprays  Liquid cannabis products can also be sprayed under the tongue for fast results.
  • Edibles These cannabis products may take hours for someone to feel the effects.
  • Capsules If you are someone who wants cannabis that looks like conventional medicine and features an exact dose then tries cannabis capsules.


Knowing the difference between Indica and Sativa dominant hybrid weed strains is a useful guide to cannabis consumers. Understanding the genetics of your cannabis plants can be beneficial in helping consumers to find the right product for them. However, the different types of plant strains are not just the only thing to consider when buying cannabis products. Ultimately, the most important thing is to be conscious in your cannabis consumption and always be knowledgeable of what you are putting into your body. 

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