Indica or Sativa for Stress: Be Stress-Free with the Right Strain

Stress is one of the major causes of depression that is why it is important to find ways on how you can deal with it to avoid having extreme health conditions. The use of cannabis in alleviating stress has been a known effective solution even in ancient times. In this article, we will be tackling about what influence does cannabis provide to help achieve a stress-free experience.

According to studies, the most effective way of combating stress through the use of cannabis is to consider the dosage, environment where you will use it, method on how you are going to consume it and what kind of cannabis strain works best for you. If you are able to cope with stress effectively then there is a higher chance that you could avoid different ailments.

Indica or Sativa for Stress

There are types of Indica and Sativa strains that have a natural characteristic for giving you a clear mind, full-body relaxation that equates to anxiety-free and stress -free experience. It means that they both have properties to be a good strain for stress. The components found in cannabis that are responsible for giving you a stress-free experience is the cannabinoid THC and CBD.

It is found out that strains with high levels of THC and high levels of CBD have the ability to give a clear mind and full-body relaxation that is a gateway to have a stress-free experience. Just keep in mind that in taking a high-THC strain, avoid consuming in high dosage because it gives off a high that will induce anxiety and paranoia.

These strains for stress can be taken during the day where you have the energy to accomplish your task having a wonderful feeling and there are also strain types to be taken at night time to let you relax your mind and body after a long and tiring today so that you would wake up the next day feeling energized.

Right Strains for a Stress-Free Experience

  • AC/DC

This strain has THC to CBD ratio of 1:20, which means that it has a higher CBD level than THC. This strain has a little to no psychoactive effects. It provides the user a relaxing full body feeling, with no muscle tension and stress-free feeling with just a few hits. This is a perfect strain if you want to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the feeling of too much high.

This Hybrid strain is best for achieving a stress-free day because it will help in relieving the pain that you are experiencing and it melts away all your worries. This is a goodnight strain that lets you feel a comfortable sleep that when you wake in the morning you will feel energized and motivated.

  • Jack Herer

This is a Sativa Dominant Strain is commonly referred to us as a quick escape into the clouds. This strain became popular because of its herbally taste and smell. It started out as a medical strain but since it has a high THC content it is also commonly used as a recreational strain. 

The feelings of energy, euphoria, and optimism can be felt during the onset of the high but as it stays in the system, the feelings of well-being and stress relief may experience. This is not a suitable strain for first-timers because of its high.

  • Girl Scout Cookies:

This Sativa dominant strain is a perfect strain for those who want to stay active while experiencing a full mind and body relaxation. Its components will not only let you relax but its sweet and earthy taste and smell are already relaxing. Patients love to use this strain, especially those who are having their chemotherapy because after an exhausting and painful session they still have energy.

This strain is a crossbreed from OG Kush and Durban poison giving it a relatively 60:40 ratio of Sativa and Indica component. Once smoked, it will show off a dessert-like cedar flavor. It came from medium-sized purple buds that have purple leaves and orange hair trichomes that is pleasant to the eyes.

  • Green Crack

This strain is named after its electric-stimulating effects. It is known for its hardiness characteristics that are mold-resistant making it a good strain for beginners. This is a perfect recreational strain for its energizing properties that has a potency that can last for hours with its flavor and aroma that is not overwhelming.

This strain provides a general feeling of happiness, a sense of well-being, energy, and euphoria. This is suitable for consumers or patients to help them clear their mind and have a sense of focus to allow their stress to fall off. This is a go-getter strain that allows you to things done.

  • Sour Diesel

This strain enjoys its popularity because of its potency, effects and distinct smell. It is a crossbreed between two popular and potent strains which are the Northern Lights and Skunk #1. It appears to have yellowish-green medium-sized buds that have red hairs pistils. The buds have an overpowering aroma similar to gasoline. First-time users describe the flavor of this strain unpleasant because its ammonia-like taste that stings. Its pungent taste and the smell quickly provide a pleasant character.

It’s intense cerebral high is a great help for those who have mood disorders. It stimulates cerebral functioning that gives off the feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Moderate levels of consumption also lead you to have associative and creative thinking, however, a higher dosage may give you the “out of control” feelings and altered mental state.

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Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong taking in cannabis as your option to take away the stress in a couple of hours. Unlike taken in medications, cannabis is a natural way to feel a sense of well-being but it should be taken in caution and make sure that the dose that you are using is just right to feel a stress-free feeling.