March’s Strain of the Month: LA Confidential

Introducing LA Confidential. Like its name-sake film, this strain provides a gripping experience with a carefully crafted balance between the physical and cerebral qualities of your trip. Plenty of Indica to bring out the body effects providing relaxation, with just enough Sativa notes to engage the mind and bring out some psychedelics. With a medium THC content of 19% and CBD levels at 0.04% this will be a trip worth a repeat performance.

Great strains come from a great lineage, and in this area LA Confidential once again shines. Bred from the venerable Afghan and OG LA Affie strains, themselves both products of southern California, this hybrid retains and blends some of the best characteristics of its parents. Pine and Earthy aromas combine with notes of coffee and citrus in the smoke insuring a pleasant experience on the palate, no matter how it is consumed. A stable and mellow high to both relax the user and enhance whatever other activities you choose to pair it with, this strain’s 80% Indica and 20% Sativa mixture has been tailored for both relaxation and recreation.

LA Confidential, like many Indica dominant strains expresses its flowers in small, densely packed plentiful nuggets. As the plant matures towards harvest time, these lime green sites will frost over with a covering of resin packed trichomes. In order to produce at maximum yield, it is important that you work with these characteristics to encourage multiple budding sites in the upper canopy of the plant. Trimming buds from lower stems and encouraging upper stems to split into multiple budding sites will produce the greatest harvest from this plant. This is not to suggest that careful attention to budding and advanced techniques are required when growing this strain, it is simply that the greatest crop will be attained through a bit of care during the vegetative stage of the plant’s life.

In fact, LA Confidential is one of the easier strains to grow, and is suitable for the beginner or intermediate grower, while providing a worry-free experience for the advanced grower who has their growing system and conditions dialed in. It has been bred to thrive in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. It is particularly disease and pest resistant which makes it an ideal plant for indoor growing. It is also a strain which prefers the lower range of cannabis cultivation temperatures, from 20-27 degrees Celsius or 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is both resistant to pests and molds, which are some of the difficulties that indoor growers can encounter. Since natural air currents and insect predators of an outdoor site are absent in an indoor grow, normally gardeners must guard against mold and plant infestation. LA Confidential’s resistance to these problems make it possible to reduce or avoid other pest control methods when growing it indoors.

This is a plant which will thrive both in soil and hydroponic conditions, although like any other strain, a soil grow will take longer to mature from seed to flower. Due to the careful balance of Indica and Sativa Genetics, it will have an average flowering time of nine to ten weeks. As with other strains, it is important to judge the ideal harvesting time through a combination of trichome color and resin production.

Another benefit of the strain which will appeal to the indoor grower is the relative size of the plant. It is a short growing strain without the longer stem segments which can make light penetration a concern. The Screen of Green growing method can be used to enhance light availability to bud sites, but the plants natural characteristics will do most of the work for the gardener.

A balanced seed, a balanced grow and a balanced high make LA Confidential an exciting strain for your next planting. Everyone can enjoy the results of the harvest, and the grow can be useful for any level of gardener. Whether you are an advanced cultivator who is dialing in a room or looking to push the limits of production, or you are just getting started and want the assurance of an easier strain, LA Confidential has something to offer everyone. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.