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microdosing weed

There are numerous ways on how weed can be consumed. It can be quite boring if you do the same thing over and over again. This is when we introduce ourselves to you microseeding. Cannabis communities seem to put interest in microseeding weed, especially among those who need it the most. There are numerous potent strains available in the market, even the rarest ones. Hard-hitting ones can be quite disturbing, knowing that you do not know how much it can do good or bad to both the mind and body. 

On the other hand, microdosing is one of the famous weed types common for those who seek an alternative use to weed. It is the exact opposite of how regular marijuana strains work. They act moderately without compromising the adverse effects it can offer. What is microdosing weed exactly? What are the benefits of microdosing weed? Read on and get to know it more and why a number of people choose to consume it than regular weeds. 

Understanding Microdosing Weed 

Understanding microdosing weed is not rocket science. The roots of microdosing did not originate long ago. It can be traced back to the middle of 2016 and made marijuana consumption make sense. Digging into its roots is useless if you’re not gonna try consuming them as microdosing. The meaning is just like how it sounds. Consuming weed in small doses. It’s not that hard to understand, right? 

On average, a joint has at least a gram of cannabis flower. The THC levels range from 100mg to 150mg, depending on the properties and potency of the strain. For someone with less experience or with low marijuana tolerance, the THC levels are already quite strong. With microdose, the THC levels are 10 to 11 times less, wherein they range from one to ten grams. You might find it relatively low, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. 

Microdose is defined as managing consumption to lose psychedelic effects. There is a threshold that limits a person from being hard-hit stoned. It is the lowest dose of drugs a person can possibly consume that induces positive effects that minimize the adverse effects that often affect the mindset or the mood of a person. When you’re under the influence of weed, you often cannot distinguish what’s normal from not. This is one of the few reasons why most people continue to indulge in the effects they can offer. 

What are the Effects of Microdosing Weed? 

Pot or marijuana is known to induce effects that can put you in an alternate universe. More than just its medicinal benefits, they leave you completely stoned and indulged in trying some more. But trying to consume microdosing is a whole new level. It is one way of keeping the consumption in moderation but at the same time, enjoy the ride. Marijuana can either keep you uplifted, completely relaxed, or a combination of both, depending on the properties of the marijuana strain consumed. 

By now, you might be curious about why people choose microseeding more than any other. Microdosing allows you to consume small doses. It isn’t necessarily stoned, but it induces effects the same way regular consumption does. The point is the consumption of weed matters. Little or big, there is weed consumed that has the same effect on your mind and body but with the absence of adverse psychedelic effects. 

All types of drugs, natural or laboratory-formulated, have a response to your mind and body. It depends on your tolerance. How much can you take? What are the reactions of your mind? How does your body respond? Just like any other drugs, low doses have one effect, positive or negative, and high doses can lead to another. Not all users are up for getting stoned. Their reasons for consuming marijuana vary. It may be for medical, health, and even performance purposes. 

Advantages of Microdosing Weed 

Marijuana alone has numerous lists of therapeutic and recreational benefits. It has the ability to deliver antidepressant, anti-nausea, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-anxiety properties. On the other hand, they have effects that uplift, relax, and calm your mind and body. This natural remedy eases the mental and physical suffering of people. These reasons made marijuana legal in most states and some countries. Read on and know more about the benefits of microdosing weed. 

Medical Properties 

Understanding the properties of marijuana is not that difficult. They have records and researches all over the internet to read. One of the best properties they can offer is their therapeutic benefits. Marijuana has numerous health benefits like no other herbal medicine. In line with this, microdosing can treat multiple disorders and ailments as well. A little dose can go a long way, especially in reducing manic and depressive episodes, eliminating body pain, and stimulating the appetite. 

Research states that microdosing can deal with over 40 health problems. They act better than most laboratory-formulated medicine without the presence of adverse effects. This is what most patients are rooting for. Medications are useless if they are accompanied by numerous side-effects that can affect both the mind and the body. For example, radiation treatments help in minimizing the growth of cancer cells, yet they also make the body weak and vulnerable, which causes pain in the joints and muscles. 

Expands the Cannabis Research 

Expanding cannabis research is one of the benefits of microdosing weed. Marijuana has a lot to offer than just the common knowledge of reducing pain, eliminating anxiety, and elevating the mood. Researchers believe that there are numerous underlying benefits users can get from marijuana regardless if it is medical or recreational benefits. With microdosing, they get to test the waters in providing proof that little to moderate dosage of marijuana can treat numerous illnesses. 

Microdosing weed is already a step closer to progressing the methodology in marijuana research. Being able to expand the research means tests, experiments, and trials right before release and consumption. Knowing what this herbal drug can offer motivates researchers to optimize their present hypothesis and methodologies, which will eventually progress to studying the culture and origin of marijuana. Marijuana will highly benefit microdosing, not just for those who consume for medical purposes but as well as for those who want to manage their consumption. 

Convenient to Use 

Microdosing is one of the most convenient ways of consuming marijuana. Regardless if you’re a newbie or reliant on it for a couple of years now, you can define how microdosing differs from the typical marijuana consumption tactics. Consuming marijuana is relatively low doses that generates a powerful high. This is like training both your mind and body to draw the line in consuming marijuana without compromising your tolerance and experience. 

Regardless if you’re a smoker, vaper, and even an edible enthusiast, microdosing weed will interest you considering the benefits they are often associated with. This method of consumption stimulates your body in training to tolerate low doses. They generate the THC levels with reduced side-effects leaving the sensation more relaxing and boosting. 

Minimized Side Effects 

Microdosing marijuana is associated with relatively low side-effects. We all know that marijuana can get you off the hook when consumed typically. They can mess with both your mind and body and lose control of reality. Yes, they can put you in an alternate universe when you’re completely stoned, but there are ways on how to consume marijuana without compromising your tolerance. If you’re a consumer for years now, you would know how strong most side-effects of hard-hitting strains are. Maybe it’s time to turn the tables and engage in more responsible marijuana consumption. 

Boosts Creative Focus 

The fifth advantage you can get from microdosing weed is a heightened creative focus. It might be familiar to you, especially if you’re fond of consuming cannabis sativa. But have you ever thought of consuming cannabis indica and wanting to enhance your sense of focus? At some point, it is quite difficult to choose the strains that will cater to your needs and wants. 

Weed consumption is associated with cerebral clarity. Limiting the amount of THC consumed to a minimum reduces the probability of experiencing the discomfort of numerous adverse effects. You get to experience the effects of marijuana without fogging your thoughts, which is what we want to avoid. While some potheads enjoy the foggy effects, some prefer a more focused and clear mind. Using the microdosing technique doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re scared of how it can mess with your mind. It’s just setting barriers and preventive measures to not being addicted to it. 


Reviewing through what microdosing can do should interest you by now. Who knows if limiting your marijuana consumption has its benefits too? Regardless if it is for medical purposes or practicing responsible weed consumption, we know how users benefit from microdosing weed. With these advantages on the list, you can now evaluate if microdosing weed is for you to try. Besides, we all have our ways on how to enjoy consuming marijuana. It would be best to experiment and test which weed consumption technique suits you best.

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