Sustainable Cannabis Packaging guide

We consider Packaging ought to be regenerative and help heal the environment during its lifecycle. 

Our Packaging supplies you with high-quality, compliant, and sustainable packaging solutions which you and your clients will feel good about using.

Our Packaging:

  • Showcases your dedication to sustainability from seed-to-sale.
  • Differentiates your products and helps grow your business.
  • Bolsters your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Packaging as Green as The Products They Contain:

To not be left in the dust, bud product packaging organizations are rising to the challenge en masse to supply eco-friendly packaging alternatives which not only are kind to mother earth but keep marijuana products clean, fresh, and out of reach of minors. 

We have around a succession of businesses present at the forefront of environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, ranging from scent-proof blossom packaging into edibles, CBD For Dogs, accessories, and everything in between.

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur seeking to construct a brand that will grow for a long time ahead, we highly urge you to look at going as green as you possibly can regarding your merchandise.

Cannabis customers are usually very environmentally conscious, and paying it forward concerning eco-responsibility is one approach to catch the loyalty of their millions of cannabis fans worldwide.

Cannabis Packaging:

The legal Cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Thirty states and the District of Columbia now have laws widely legalizing marijuana in certain kinds, and the business is forecast to keep growing.

These new companies bring new sustainable packaging challenges: every product has its unique packaging and labeling requirements. In Elevate Cannabis Packaging, our account managers can help you make sure that your packaging isn’t just sustainable and attractive and regulation compliant.

Elevate Packaging provides high excellent custom sustainable packaging, ideal for the retail sale of legal cannabis and CBD solutions. Our dispensary packaging offers to include:

  • Eco-friendly retail and merchandise screen Solutions 
  • Compostable flex-pouch bags
  • All-natural organic style stiff setup boxes.

Like any new business, there are loads of cannabis companies vying for the general public’s interest from the nations where it’s legalized. You can create your merchandise, make sure organic edibles, or natural oils stand out of the contest, and reflect your brand’s sustainable worth with habit eco-friendly and compostable Packaging out of Elevate Packaging, and habit compostable adhesive tags out of pure Labels.

Different companies have different kinds of Packaging.

Sun Grown Packaging:

We must start the listing with all the grandfather of green cannabis packaging solutions. 

Sun Grown Packaging (SGP) has been the first sustainably focused cannabis packing business in the USA.

The business is also a member of ASTM International, and it is a voluntary organization that places global standards for sustainability and environmentally responsible business practices.

Becoming eco-friendly does not mean forfeiting packing design, customization, or durability. 

Sun Grown has worked with several big names in the business to make attractive eco-friendly possibilities for many different brands, ranging from pre-rolls to extracts. Some of them include:

  • Viola Extracts
  • Temple Extracts

Sana Packaging:

Sana Packaging is a Denver-based firm that focuses exclusively on eco-friendly packaging alternatives for the cannabis business especially.

The business was established by Ron Basak-Smith and James Eichner of the University of Colorado Boulder and immediately moved into the Canopy Boulder accelerator. They developed Sana into what it is now.

Together with the pollution generated in transport products around the globe, these old-school businesses are doubly harmful.  

Sana’s real invention, however, is within their Packaging. They create sleek, durable, hemp-based vinyl that’s just vinyl in the title as it’s made with 100% hemp substance.

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