Top 5 New Cannabis Strains to Grow

Top 5 New Cannabis Strains to Grow

The number of cannabis strains available today keeps on increasing each day. In fact, the more strains created, the more cannabis enthusiasts, too, become weed smoking. They like to have various alternatives to try for recreational and medicinal functions, even though all of them are effective. Knowing a few details about the best new bud strains to grow today may mean so much.

However fast the number of strains grow bigger, the process, on the other hand, is not that easy to perform. Only those with enough patience, effort, time, and love for planting can successfully do this activity. Perhaps, knowing a bit about such a process will encourage some new growers to try it, too.

Thus, a quick list of such processes is provided below.

Cannabis Cultivation Process

Before it was legally accepted, marijuana planting, breeding, and consumption had spent many years hiding from the public and the government to avoid any trouble. Unlike today, growing this precious herb is really difficult. However, because there is an extreme demand for it, breeders and growers continued to embark on such cultivation. The steps they had to perform were in the exact order as in the list. See them and decide if you can also do it yourself, too.

Step 1

Choose your grow area. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, or in greenhouses, growers have to be ready with it ahead of time, so the rest of the process will be perfect, too.

Step 2

Choose the kind of light that your crops will need for healthy and successful growth. The natural light source that is available everywhere in the world is the sun. Using sunlight, growers must ensure the plants get a total of at least 8 hours a day for its complete development. From 10 am to 4 pm, those are the best times to expose the crops so they can get all the health benefits that the sun provides.

Other forms of lighting, however, maybe through fluorescent lights for indoor growing. By using alternative lighting systems, growers are able to give their crops less intense lighting that may be suitable for your chosen strain. Whichever type of strain you choose, this shall depend greatly on the type of strain you will use.

Step 3

Choose the medium for cultivating your chosen bud. There a lot to choose from, which also requires some varied watering and caring needs. That medium you can have maybe:

  • Soil, which provides the most traditional, effective growing for all kinds of crops. This medium gives plants the natural nutrients. This may be used by beginning growers for easy management.
  • Soilless mix is a medium that, obviously, does not have soil but coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, and other stuff.
  • Hydroponics, which has different types, may be considered, too. There is a type that is directly grown in water and aided with grow lights such as HID, LEC, LED types. Others do the hydroponic system through aeroponics or hanging the crops in the air without using soil in pots, and they just simply mist the crops while being cultivated. Aquaponics, too, is effective although not that famous as the general type of hydroponics. In this process, growers put the crops in a tank with fishes inside, which take part also in the cultivation process.

Step 4

Choose the strain you want to grow. This part is solely based on your preference and goal. There is a lot of strain to choose from, so be wise and see which one really fits your goal and skills, too.

Step 5

Germinate the seeds and start planting them in pots. Based on the crop type and genetics again, the next steps before harvest time shall vary, especially because different strains have different needs, too.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

One essential part of the cultivation process that was mentioned above is the decision about where would be the best location for cultivating a specific weed strain. The area of cultivation has some effects on the growth of crops that growers need to take account of in order to have successful cultivation.

When growing indoors, cultivators have full power over almost everything in the area, including the ventilation, space to be used, water, and even the occurrence of infestations. For beginners in cannabis cultivation, this may be recommended but will definitely require some effort as well as money, too. It may be expensive since you are to provide your crops with some needed tools and equipment.

Outdoor cultivation, on the contrary, provides an all-natural resource, which is the sun and the rest of nature working together for one goal. Sunlight is such a great source of organic and healthy nutrients that is essential for the growth of weeds and all other types of plants. The challenge in succeeding from this process is that growers should be ready with pest control methods before the crops actually begin to acquire some. Such adversity cannot be avoided, especially during the rainy season.

Benefits of Growing Indoors and Outdoors


  • Climate control
  • Clean grow area
  • Multiple harvests
  • Easier pest control


  • High quality buds
  • Rapid cannabis growth
  • Less or cheaper expenses and effort
  • More weed production

Top 5 New Strains to Grow Indoors

Once learned this quick, essential tips on cannabis cultivation, you are now ready to find the best new strains that you might want to cultivate indoors and outdoors. To make your decision more precise, a shorter list of marijuana strains is provided below about the top 5 types to pick. Choose one now and enjoy a wonderful cannabis growing experience this season!

1. Green Crack Punch

Taking you to a different height of bliss and comfort is this cross between Purple Punch and Green Crack. Green Crack Punch strain is a promising one for the genetics it contains that caused it to be made with some delicious taste and enticing aroma as well that is a combination of smooth, silky, citrusy, blueberry, and sweet. Its initial onset is mind-crushing but physically calming and soothing. It’s got intense energy that fills the mind with focus and alertness useful for dealing with daily chores and activities. Likewise, cultivating one on your own shall be as easy as one two three even for beginners. It takes only 55 to 60 days to bloom and shall bless growers with a yield as high as 500 grams per square meter. Green Crack Punch is a truly born survivor of adverse conditions like over or underwater, light leaks, and many others.

2. Easy Bud

As the name says, this weed is a simple one to grow. Easy Bud strain is one of the famous autoflowering strains for their fast growth and a still high quality yield. She’s a blessing not only to growers but also to smokers, too, because it guarantees a yield of between 275 to 325 grams per payload without any hard to find or provide requirements. This is the way to go for those who are looking for a bud of lovely green buds, sparkling and glimmering with resin-rich buds. It grows with some healthy dark green leaves, too. Newbie smokers need not be afraid to try this bud as it is easy to manage in all aspects, from cultivation to consumption.

3. Critical 

Critically delicious and delightful, with lots of awards, and a super-easy cultivation process is a Critical strain. It is a Cannabis Cup winner that embodies its well-renowned parents who were Skunk 1 and Afghani strains. Its THC level of 18% is proof of its strong sedating powers as well as its potential in satisfying users both physically and mentally. A strong body buzz, uplifting, and inspiring feelings come rushing to your veins once consumed. Critical bud strain has exceeded the greatness of its parents that its name got familiar to everybody after just a little while of being launched as a new strain.

4. White Widow

Another fast flowering and intensely satisfying bud, White Widow, is just deserving to be on this list for its nice aroma and taste brought about by its genetics. Its flavors may be piney, citrus, and crispy, too. For this reason, this weed strain has been part of many other crossbreeds over the years, which has proven this bud to be such a nice source of everything. White Widow strain is a pride to its breeders but cannot do well without being kept outdoors in some colder climates. It is not demanding for anything special but just the right soil and medium for its successful cultivation. 

5. Royal Jack Auto

Lastly, this list shall not be complete without this weed variety that has shorter height as well as for the flowering period. Royal Jack Auto carries the legacy of the classic favorite Jack Herer strains. Novice growers may try growing this bud, too, offering nothing complicated from seed to the time it becomes a full-grown tree. With its 16% THC level is already sufficient to make someone crazy and wild mentally and physically. It goes mellow at the beginning as if preparing the body for its strong blast. Afterward, it intensifies and then calming again. This Jack Herer progeny, too, is good for both recreation and medical uses with just the same effectiveness.

Final Words

Cannabis growing is exciting and enjoyable, despite its little difficulties and complications. Growers just need to be careful about the strain they shall use so they can achieve their desired result on harvest time. So choose one from the list and have one memorable cultivation experience!

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