Vaping VS Smoking Weed: A Comparison

vaping vs smoking weed

There are numerous ways on how marijuana can be consumed. It can be through smoking, vaping, and even extracting the oils and turning them into edibles. It really varies on your preferences and how your mind and body tolerate marijuana consumption in good and bad ways. This article will help you choose between smoking and vaping weed or maybe a combination of both. It depends on how your mind and body will respond to the method of consumption. Besides, trying different methods will help you identify what will suit you best. 

Marijuana consumption, just like any other drug, stimulates pleasure such as relaxation and uplifting effects. Regardless of your reasons, we got to admit marijuana serves numerous therapeutic and recreational relief. Although these benefits come with a price, they are often associated with compromising your personal safety and health. What you need to figure out is what are ways on how you can reduce the side-effects. 

Read on, and we’ll help you understand the differences between vaping and smoking as well as the mutual impacts of both. This way, we get to weigh in the factors that will help you understand the high and low points of the methods of consumption of marijuana. Regardless if you’re a newbie or experienced in marijuana consumption, this article will help you decide which is which. Vaping vs smoking weed is one of the top-notch curiosities among cannabis connoisseurs. 

Vaping Weed 

John Hopkins delivered a study on how smoking differs from vaping marijuana. Based on his research, vaporizing weed induces hard-hitting stones as compared to smoking them of the same dose. This explains that you have to be wary of the cannabis strain you’re going to consume. Take into account both its THC and CBD levels, especially if you’re new in marijuana consumption. 

The research was basically to explain the differences between smoking and vaping cannabis. They tested different strains with THC levels ranging from 5mg to 25mg. The experiment took place without the users knowing the amount of THC they are consuming. This prevents opinion-based statements from arising but more on factual ones. It may seem hard to identify, but the results show definite and certainty that can easily define the differences of potency. 

Advantages of Vaping Weed

What are the advantages of vaporizing weed? Why do people choose to vape than to smoke? Here is the list of the advantages that will help you further understand and convince you to choose to vape. Take time to analyze and see if vaping marijuana will be something you would enjoy. 

Convenient to Use 

Unlike smoking joints, vaping is convenient due to the reusable vaping equipment that can be used. They come in different types depending on your preference. The most basic type of vape is called the pen vape. 

The appearance is like an elongated cigarette often in steel and plastic material. Vape can last for two to three years based on how you maintain them. The juice used for the vape is the THC extract of marijuana, which explains the purity and intense effects of vaping marijuana. 

No Smoke Production

Vape does not produce smoke but a vapor, which means they do not generate second hand and third-hand smoke. The clouds produced are just plain vapor. If you try to blow it on your palm, you can sense the damp feeling with little droplets of water. 

Heightened Flavors 

Vape does not have a burning sensation. You get to taste the flavor of the strain the way it is minus the bitter aftertaste. This is perfect if you prefer sweet and sour flavors of strains. There’s no need for a higher dosage of marijuana to get a hold of its taste. Vaping will let you taste the strain the way it is. It’s time to say good-bye to the blunt taste of marijuana. 

Smoking Weed 

Choose between vaping vs smoking weed. Why should marijuana consumers choose to smoke instead? Users who choose to smoke marijuana are those who are familiar with smoking a cigarette. The hits are long and intense. They choose smoking marijuana because they believe nothing can beat the traditional way of getting high. From rolling a paper to lining up the buds, everything about it is just incredibly exciting. 

How would you know if smoking is the most suitable method for you to consume marijuana? We all know nothing beats a traditional joint. Read on and know more about the advantages smoking marijuana can provide. 

Hard-Hitting Effects 

Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be quite disturbing but in a good way. You get to be surprised about the relief and relaxation sensation it can provide on every puff. Since the buds are burned and inhaled, the effects are more hard-hitting. In just a few puffs, both your mind and body are free from stress and tension. 

Traditional Marijuana Consumption 

Nothing beats the traditional joint of marijuana. Apart from the smoking session, the process of rolling a joint is enjoyable. Besides, smoking a joint build connection between you and your buddies smoking the same joint. Unlike vaping, joints can be consumed by a group. Vape is more personal than communal. If your marijuana sessions are often with friends, then smoking is for you. 


In terms of disposal, smoking marijuana is actually environment-friendly. Compared to the material used in creating vapes, smoking joints require two materials in which both are biodegradable. They are easier to dispose of, and they rot in time compared to the steel and plastic material of the vape. 

What is the Difference Between Smoking and Vaping? 

Vaping vs smoking weed has downsides too. From the temporary and chronic health problems, they are associated with up to the possible side-effects they deliver to our mother nature. Read on and know more about their differences. 

Health Benefits

Vaping is proven to be healthier than smoking weed. Based on the research stated above, there is no burning feeling which often affects the upper respiratory. This can lead to boil production within the uvula, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and even swelling of the tonsils. 

Eliminated Costs 

Vaping is more cost-efficient as compared to smoking. The vape is not disposable. It can be reused for up to three years. All you need to purchase is the THC-riched juice that will, later on, be vaporized. 

Distinct Flavors 

When it comes to flavors, vaping is highly suggested. Due to the absence of the burning sensation, there are no bitter and blunt aftertastes. The flavor of the marijuana strain you chose remains as is even without artificial flavorings. 


Vaping vs smoking weed, which one is highly suggested? Vaping, of course! The advanced technology is aligned to this modern world. Using an electric cigarette to consume marijuana is the next big thing. More than just the benefits stated above, vaping marijuana is less tedious to do. It’s about time to enjoy the convenience of consuming marijuana.

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