Weed Hangover: All You Need to Know to Survive

weed hangover

There are cases that marijuana users felt hazy after a long night of hefty smoking. It is because they somehow consumed too much marijuana. A weed hangover is similar to the hangover we get after drinking too many alcoholic beverages; luckily, this hangover is not bad to the body and brains of those who suffer it. For several stoners, it is common sense; however, to other people, it is still a controversial enigma and how it occurs. 

Though the majority of us have this notion that weed is something that does not provide us the hangover, it transpires that some marijuana consumers have encountered unfavorable signs after a hefty marijuana session. To have the whole knowledge of the weed hangover, let us go to the curbed researches that have been studied as well as the signs that marijuana users have encountered and eliminated some of the known misapprehensions that have passed down to the users.

Researches Concerning Weed Hangover

Provided with the prohibiting limitations on marijuana researches, it is comprehensible that there was limited research that has been conducted about this matter. Nonetheless, researchers performed linchpin research that was released in 1985 using 13 male participants. These participants were provided a harmless pill and joints comprising marijuana that has a 2.9% THC level. After that, they were asked to do various behavioral activities that comprised of sorting the card, remembering freely, and time production.

They were checked again after a whole night’s sleep. Researches observed a remaining result to the marijuana users only and narrated, “The results show that smoking cannabis can provide weed hangover the next day.” Since the outcomes of this study were noteworthy, critiques were given room to criticize and provide improvements, especially that the sample given in this research was only small, and there was not enough diversity. 

Another research was held in 1998 using 10 participants, where all of them were also men. They have observed the remaining effects of consuming a joint and concluded that the remaining effects were very little. Once again, while the outcomes of this study were notable, the absence of miscellany and limited samples were components that required some improvements. 

Based on the majority of the informal information from users who have encountered weed hangover, higher dosage rates were detailed, especially in toking RSO and other powerful products like edibles. Though there is some information to verify the informal information for those who have encountered weed hangover, a lot of studies are still required to genuinely comprehend this event.

Factors Causing Weed Hangover

Several reasons may develop the possibility of encountering a weed hangover. These comprise the number of dosages, the classification of cannabis, and the technique of using it. The numbers of dosage you are toking are always important when it comes to showing an undesirable weed hangover. Additionally, consuming edibles that have THC grows the probability of sensing dizziness and somehow unwell in the morning. With that, it is necessary to be cautious in making edibles. It is a difficult task to measure the accurate amount of cannabis. Take note that assimilating edibles needs a lot of time compared to consuming weed. As such, it will keep in your body for a long time, which is estimated to be up to 12 hours.

There is a probability that you will still sense pretty high after getting up. If you swallow cannabis, the results last up to the continued time, and they are as well sometimes potent and more psychedelic. With that, it is suggested that you must always begin with a small consumption and hold back for 60 to 120 minutes for the edible to strike.

Signs of Weed Hangover

If you deliberate about weed hangover, headaches might be the first thing that pops out to your head, which is equitably natural even to the seasoned users of cannabis. Nonetheless, other signs may appear after consuming weed – not just in the body but as well in the head.

Physical Signs of Weed Hangover

Speaking of the signs in the body after a hefty session of consuming cannabis, the most natural is a headache. This sign sometimes fades away through it and is preferably lenient. Another feeling that you may encounter is nausea. However, it cannot stay long like two hours and is not as hefty as similar to nausea that you sense after a hefty night of drinking alcohol. Other users encounter fatigue or the absence of energy and stimulation. Annoyed, itchy, and red eyes are a stoned user’s characteristics, but these signs can also occur to other users in the morning after an enormous night of consumption. Furthermore, the natural result of cottonmouth, which is due to dehydration, can also be felt by other consumers. With that, it is vital to drink plenty of water now and then, especially when consuming weed. If you have any of these signs, then you are preferably having weed hangover in your body.

Mental Signs of Weed Hangover

Talking about the mental signs of weed hangover, several types of research indicated the procedure and signs because these results were in the span of attentiveness by several scientists. Firstly, the study demarcated a lowered range of attention, short-term memory loss, problems dealing with the skills in the motor and psychomotor activities, a problem with the verbal utterance, and doing math. Nevertheless, a few participants only encountered these signs, and the scientists contemplated these results lenient. Some weed consumers narrated that they were sensing foggy in their heads that can be felt in the morning, which is preferably the soft kind of weed hangover.

Preventing Weed Hangover

Firstly, it is important to note that not everyone reacts to cannabis in the same manner. Some users may not sense the adverse reactions of cannabis on the day they have a hefty marijuana session. However, it is always a great notion to stop weed hangover by keeping dehydrated and keep away from overconsumption. It is great to use marijuana gently and maintain restraint. Also, it is important to let yourself sleep with plenty of time because it is the most important thing to provide care in your body’s recuperation. Studies also demonstrate that it is great to have lots of vegetables and fruits while keeping away from sweet foods.

Another key factor to take note when talking with weed hangover is that overconsumption on marijuana will never be as hazardous as over-consuming alcohol, and it sometimes settles itself at the right time. Also, remember that there is not a problem of a lasting result to an excessive dose of marijuana, and a lot of hefty users may never encounter weed hangover. 

Though there are informal narrations of weed hangover and are implying to be possible, different types of research are still required to conduct to apprehend the reasons, signs, and probabilities connected to weed hangover and suggested self-care. Moreover, the majority of the research mentioned above concentrated on the morning after the results of consuming cannabis.

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