What are Autoflower Seeds of Weed?

what are autoflower seeds

One of the popular types of cannabis seeds is autoflower ones. They are quite rewarding when grown right. But why are most growers fond of these cannabis seed type? What makes it a treat among breeders and distributors? What are autoflower seeds? There’s a lot to know more than just its adaptation to the environment and short flowering time. Autoflower seeds don’t grow on a seasonal basis. 

This article will help you understand how autoflower works. From its origin, up to its advantages and disadvantages that will surely aid you in weighing in if growing them suits you best. Since it is considered as a go-to seed type, beginners and experienced growers fancy them a lot. It’s more than just the short flowering time. Read on and know more about what autoflower can offer you in the field of marijuana cultivation. 

Understanding Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Have you ever scanned through online and in-store cannabis breeding and distributing shops? If yes, you might know by now that there are a lot of options to consider. What are autoflower seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds have a different vegetative and development phase in comparison to other seed types. They are considered in opposition to photoperiod flowering ones, they do not grow on a seasonal basis. They can be grown batch per batch. 

Photoperiod flowering plants require a lengthy number of weeks before they enter the flowering stage. Their growing requirements include a light cycle, which makes the process of growing them more tedious. These are the primary reasons why they choose to grow autoflower cannabis seeds instead. 

With its genetics familiarity with Northern climates, they have the ability to adapt to both cold and warm climates regardless of the current season. This makes them advantageous to both indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing environments for indica, sativa, and ruderalis strains giving them the opportunity to grow in a more comprehensive choice of environments. 

The term alone “automatic” explains the property of autoflower to thrive according to their own readiness to flower. They do not depend on the daylight hours to boost their shift from vegetative to the flowering development phase, where they already produce buds. 

Initially, the genetics of cannabis indica and sativa. But eventually, they conducted an experiment to involve the ruderalis cannabis family. This type of cannabis has minimum to no effects of psychoactivity. They have the power to flourish from seed to plant in a relatively short time ranging from 8 to 10 weeks. 

Ruderalis cannabis is the best type to use in formulating autoflower seeds. They have growing properties that can survive even in bleak climatic conditions, just like in Northern Canada and Northern Russia. Since these seed types are already feminized, autoflower seeds are established to develop female plants only. 

Advantages of Autoflower Seeds 

What’s in it for you if you choose to grow autoflower seeds? What are autoflower seeds? These are questions you might have in mind just by reading how autoflower cannabis seeds work. If you want a little push that will convince you to grow, here is the list of advantages that will surely help you decide. 

Flexible Growing Requirements 

Compared to photoperiod cannabis seeds, autoflower ones grow flexibly with the environment. They can thrive both indoors and outdoors as long as you can sustain their needs, such as lighting, ventilation, and nutrients. 

They do not have to follow a light cycle that will help them trigger growth. There is no need to maintain a light cycle until they enter the flowering stage, which makes the process less tedious. Autoflower cannabis seeds have a shorter growing period and a fixed lifespan. 

Short Flowering Time

Autoflower cannabis seeds are not named easy-growing for no reason. On average, it takes four to five months for photoperiod cannabis seeds to grow from seed to plant. This is quite tedious as compared to the flowering period of autoflower ones ranging from one to two months. 

We all know that the flowering time of cannabis varies if they are grown indoors or outdoors. But with autoflower, it is different. As long as the plant have the same resources indoors as it is outdoors, the flowering time for both does not differ that farm each other. 

Adapts to the Environment 

Autoflower cannabis seeds have the ability to adapt to the environment as early as the germination period. Considering the identity of cannabis to be picky when it comes to choosing an environment, autoflowers are different. 

They are resilient when it comes to adaptation to different growing environments. More than that, they also set protection for potential infestation of molds, mildews, and pests. This is an opportunity for the marijuana plant to thrive beautifully. 

Stout Appearance 

Autoflower marijuana plants are in between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. They do not grow tall nor small. These are medium-sized plants that grow stout instead making it perfect for small indoor growing environments. Considering that photoperiod cannabis plants grow up to four to five meters, they require tall ceiling greenhouses and outdoor environments. 

Discrete Growing

Since they grow small in height, this is a good idea, especially growing in congested neighborhoods. There’s no need to worry about infusing a strong smell since their smell is not that disturbing. 

These stout growing plants can thrive almost anywhere even in balconies and gardens that will act just a regular plant. Autoflower cannabis strains will surely not draw attention even when you place them anywhere. 

Requires Low Amount of Nutrients 

Compared to regular photoperiod cannabis plants, autoflower ones require soil with fewer nutrients. Autoflower cannabis plants are quite sensitive when it comes to feeding. Overfeeding and underfeeding will gravely affect the bud production and quality. Considering its speedy development, they require less amount of nutrients for them to grow. 

Higher Levels of CBD

Autoflower cannabis plants are identified to be rich in medical benefits. Whether if it is chronic or temporary diseases, these provide ease and comfort in overcoming the underlying symptoms. Being rich in medical benefits means that they have higher levels of CBD than THC. It works both as medical and recreational marijuana but the potency for recreational properties is relatively low. 

Disadvantages of Autoflower Seeds

What is the counterpart of growing autoflower marijuana seeds? Every advantage comes with a price to pay or a factor compromised. The list of disadvantages will help you identify if this seed type best suits your growing environment, resources, and budget. 

Lower Levels of THC 

Based on the opinions of most cannabis growing communities, they do not fancy autoflower marijuana plants due to the low levels of THC induced by their buds. These are the type of strains that do not dwell on recreational benefits but medical ones. 

Considering that the main purpose of consuming marijuana is to get high, autoflower marijuana buds are more on delivering medical benefits. They cannot compete with hard-hitting marijuana strains but they have perks they serve too, especially in the field of herbal medicine. 

Cost of Growing 

Autoflower marijuana seeds are more economical when it comes to expenses designated for nutrients but invest more money for lighting and ventilation system, especially when grown in indoor growing environments. 

You have to mimic the climatic conditions of the outdoor environment. Plus, they do not have a schedule when it comes to lighting and watering that can put all the effort to waste when all else fails. Piece of advice, it would be best to study first the growing properties and patterns. This way, waste of money and resources would not be possible. 

No Recovery Time Present

For autoflower marijuana plants, first-aid in case all else fails are quite difficult to perform considering its relatively short flowering time. It is a risky experiment that makes recovery from major errors quite impossible. 

Since autoflower do not possess the photoperiod properties, this can be a risky move not unless the plants are being trained. You have to cut or trim lightly because once you cut too deep, this can cause damage to the branches or the bud itself. It would be best to cut the unnecessary ones with care to prevent the plant from not flowering. 

Plant Nourishment 

Since they do not have longer flowering time, the amount of time they need to mature, the quality of buds are compromised. Most clones no longer contain the preserved properties of the autoflower marijuana plants. In addition, requiring little amount of nutrients can be considered a disadvantage too. You have to study more on growing patterns and requirements in order to nourish the plant and deliver the benefits of growing autoflower marijuana plants. 


Weighing in the advantages and disadvantages of autoflower marijuana seeds will help you in choosing whether if they are for you or not. This article answered everything about what are autoflower seeds.  The least that you can do is check the availability of resources and see if you can pull it off. Growing autoflower marijuana seeds surely is enjoyable with the numerous options you can choose from.

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