What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

What are Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the most common seed type along with feminized and autoflower ones. This seed type is known as a gamble, especially during the germination period. There are two results. They either grow up to produce pollen males or flowering females. In some cases, they produce lower amounts of THC-enriched flowers. This leads to useless growth with regular cannabis seeds. 

The properties of cannabis are quite sensitive, which makes the growing process more tedious. Cannabis produces female and male plants separately. The most preferable marijuana to grow is female ones, which eventually progressed the creation of feminized seeds. This is a seed type that produces 99.99% female plants. Read on, and we’ll help you out in further knowing what regular cannabis seeds are. 


Regular cannabis seeds are recognized for the vigorous plants they produce. They have a list of benefits that will surely make you choose to grow these indoors or outdoors. This seed type is the primary reason why numerous strain types are possible to grow. The process may seem tedious and complicated, but regular seeds have the ability to produce awesome yields, promote growth, and tolerate stress within the growing environment. 

Produce Healthy Clones 

One of the numerous benefits of regular cannabis seeds is their ability to produce healthy clones. This type of seed produces clones upholding good and strong health in terms of their roots, flowering time, and yield. The way regular cannabis seeds produce clones are ensured that the genetics and properties are 100% exact and preserved. This is the best way to duplicate, especially if you’re rooting for a specific marijuana strain to grow. 

Just like autoflower seeds, regular cannabis seeds produce a decent amount of yield within a shorter time frame. The process of germination is no longer required since you already have young marijuana plants ready to be cultivated and to thrive. In terms of cloning, regular cannabis seeds are highly suggested compared to their feminized counterparts. They produce stronger genetics, and the process is worth the trouble. 


The absence of regular cannabis seeds would not make breeding possible. This is the easiest explanation on how to understand this seed type, among others. We all know that most cannabis strains sold in-store and on-line are cross-breeds wherein they used a female and male specimen to create an offspring that will exhibit the best characteristics these two can offer. All you need to do is to pick to suitable male and female strains and let the cross begin. 

Wide Varieties of Strains Available

Compared to other seed types, regular cannabis seeds come in a wide variety of strains that you can choose from. Whether it’s famous or rare, this is the most common type sold in the marijuana market. This is the most basic way of preserving and cloning a marijuana strain. There are no hybrid strains that do not come in regular cannabis seeds because all marijuana strains, hybrid or pure breed, are created as regular ones first. 


Aligned with the advantages regular cannabis strains can offer are its disadvantages. There’s always a price to pay. Considering the identity of this seed type, its complexity is why most people choose other seed types such as photoperiod and autoflower ones. The list of disadvantages will help you out in knowing if cultivating with regular cannabis seeds is for you. Read on and know about the downside of growing regular cannabis seeds. 

Growing Patterns or Requirements 

The growth patterns of regular cannabis seeds can be quite unpredictable and this often causes a plant to fail from growing. This seed type thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. They can be quite demanding at first but the big investment of time, money, and energy sure are worth it. 

Gambling During Germination

The number one disadvantage of growing regular seeds is that you do not have the ability to control the sex of the plants it will produce. This can lead to a bigger expense of growing. For example, it took you one to two months to care for the plant. As it thrives, you notice that the plant produced more males. You have to reduce a quarter or half of the potential yield of the marijuana plant. In some instances, they redo the whole process to produce female plants though this can be quite expensive, especially if you’re a breeder and distributor. With the goal of producing female flowers, you really have to be wary of the strains that you’re trying to cultivate. Further study its growth patterns and requirements to get to know where to adjust or what you’re lacking. 

6 Tips in Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds  

When you already made up your mind about growing regular cannabis seeds, it’s time to move forward with these tips and tricks that can assist you throughout the process. First-time growers are fond of using regular cannabis seeds but not as much as they fancy autoflower ones. Read on and know more about what are regular cannabis seeds and how do they thrive. 

1. Germination

Germination is the first and crucial step in growing regular cannabis seeds. There are two most common types of germination. One is to plant them into the soil. Two is to wrap them using a damp kitchen towel or tissue for a couple of days until you see the seed sprout. The process of germination usually takes one to four days before they are ready to be cultivation. Considering that they are sensitive to the environment, ensure that the humidity is maintained at 80%. 

2. Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor Environments 

Choosing between indoor and outdoor growing environments depends on your budget. Indoor grow rooms can be quite expensive considering that you have to install a lighting and air ventilation system. More than just the investment to this equipment, the energy consumption will rise too since the system runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

On the other hand, outdoor growing environments are cheaper. Since you plant them directly on the soil, the natural environment will do their part with the lighting and air ventilation. The downside would be not being able to control the humidity and the aroma though there are available filters in the market to minimize the strong aroma.

3. Transplanting 

Transplanting is the process of relocating the plant from a smaller pot to a way bigger pot. This gives the roots an opportunity to crawl deeper and make the soil more compact. The healthier the roots, the more chances of this plant to grow vertically with a strong root system. It is highly encouraged to provide space for the roots to stretch and expand. Some choose to grow regular cannabis seeds in a bigger plant immediately but this does not help in promoting the health of the root system. Choose pots that come in 15, 20, and 25 liters. 

4. Nourishing 

Just like autoflower marijuana seeds, regular cannabis seeds require nourishment. Since they grow in a short amount of time, the health of the plant depends on you. Choose the right medium and organic fertilizers that can help with its growth. Do not depend on inorganic fertilizers that may seem promising. Using them comes with a price too that will not just affect the health of the plant but as well as the health of the consumer. 

5. Watering 

Compared to the way autoflower cannabis seeds are watered, regular cannabis seeds are different. The amount of water required by the seed depends on the pot size. This prevents the roots from rotting and causing an infestation of pests. Be wary about their water consumption. Overwatering and underwatering can lead to the plant’s death. It would be best to start with a very low amount of water and gradually increase as the growth of the plant progresses. Always check the texture of the soil if it’s starting to dry up. 

6. Maintain Air Quality and Temperature

Air quality and temperature maintenance are for those who choose to grow regular cannabis seeds indoors. These factors can be quite difficult to manage under an outdoor growing environment considering that they are reliant with what nature can offer. Always check the air ventilation system, at least twice a day. Check the thermostat if the temperature and humidity are maintained. Know that temperature and air quality plays a crucial part in the growth of a plant, regardless if it is cannabis or not. 


We hope this article helped you in answering what regular cannabis seeds are. This will help you identify if this seed type is for you or not. In conclusion, regular cannabis seeds come in different advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you on what techniques you’ll be using to manage the growth requirements and patterns they need. Always check on the availability of resources and find ways to grow regular cannabis seeds without compromising the quality and the number of buds. With these tips, you get a more understandable explanation of the dos and don’ts of growing marijuana in both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

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