What Does Indica Help With: Facts About Medical Indica

What Does Indica Help With

What does indica help with? That is the question that we are going to answer by giving facts about medical indica. But, before we proceed with this, let us find out first what is cannabis indica and where can we get it?

Cannabis indica is one of the major strains of cannabis or marijuana plants, the other one is called cannabis sativa. The cannabis is a yearly flowering plant that shows either female or male reproductive organs, this means that a male should pollinate a female to produce seeds. Indica is originated from Central Asia and has been widely spread all throughout the mountainous areas of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It was actually identified by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French Naturalist.

While cannabis sativa is used for its psychoactive effects because it has more THC content, a compound responsible for producing a high feeling to users. The cannabis indica, on the other hand, is widely used for its relaxing or sedative effects due to its high CBD contents, a compound that is responsible for having medical benefits to users.

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What Does Indica Help With? Here are some helpful facts about medical cannabis indica.

It is necessary to understand the effects of cannabis indica on our body, especially for those people who are still new in growing or smoking cannabis. If someone is an experienced smoker or grower of cannabis indica, he or she can easily identify by distinguishing the characteristics of it.

  • Characteristics of Cannabis Indica

The look of cannabis indica is different from cannabis sativa. Cannabis indica is a small to medium-sized plant with wide, thick, and short leaves. They normally started to flower after fifty to sixty days. When cannabis indica flower it only creates small buds between each internode. These buds will turn dense, drying them will decrease their size and become one to two inches solid nug.

Cannabis indica’s aroma is slightly pungent and earthy, this is because of where they came from that have been successfully crossed to recent solidness and natural vigor. There is a bit spice to its flavor which sometimes users do not quite like. Today, there are many cannabis indicas that have been interbred to boost its flavor and aroma than having its earthy gas-like taste.

The amazing thing about cannabis indica also is that they can tolerate colder weather than cannabis sativa. So, this plant is ideal even for those places that are not always sunny and have a snowy climate. Indicas are also versatile than sativas because it does not display weaknesses and can be fed heavily.

  • History of Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indicas were actually discovered in the late 1980s from the mountains of Himalayas and brought to Amsterdam to utilized and crossbreed with other varieties. There are some cannabis breeders who commercially make this undertaking and as a result, they have created an outcome that has maintained an original line of the natural breed of indica.

The strains of cannabis indica were brought from the mountains of Hindu Kush, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. While the strains of cannabis indica are strong and sturdy, there are many cannabis breeders who wanted to produce strains that have the reliability of indica and at the same time enhancing its taste and their yield.

Here are some examples of original cannabis indica strains:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Blue Cheese
  • Afghan #1
  • Master Kush
  • Blueberry
  • Vanilla Kush and Mango
  • Blue Cheese
  • Purple Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Afghan Kush
  • Hindu Kush
  • Kosher Kush
  • Cannabis Indica Effects

It has an evident difference when it comes to the effects of cannabis indica to users who smoke it from those who smoke cannabis sativa. While sativa makes you a chatter, the indica will make you silent. The effects of refined cannabis indica strains can be overpowering. The high feeling will not stay long and you can experience a heavy feeling after. Your eyes get heavy, mouth gets dry, and you started to feel hungry making you feel unenergetic, which is very different from the effects of sativa that gets users to become energetic and hyper.

The effects of cannabis indica to the mind can be very relaxing making an ideal aid for those people who have insomnia and are always anxious. The flavor of its bud grounded up is slightly sharp and pungent and almost fruity. When buds of cannabis indica are burnt in a joint, they release a powerful blackness that will make the air turn into a musky-scented sour smoke which is very similar to the smell of Cheese or Blue Cheese. When you consume edible cannabis indica, it will have a longer effect with similarity in narcotics.

The appearance of indica buds is dense and small and weighs lighter than sativa strains. The Moorish quality that indica buds have will make you feel wanting for more, even though a high-quality Indica Kush only weighs a gram in California and Amsterdam, and does not last long.

The strains of cannabis indica have 15 to 18 percent of TCH and 0.2 percent CBD, but today, some strains of Kush have been examined at having more than 30 percent that puts strains of cannabis indica on the same state with the powerful strains of sativa.

  • Cannabis Indica Medicinal Benefits

What does indica help with? Well, it can be used recreationally but the main benefits of using cannabis indica are its medicinal properties. America’s dispensaries discover that cannabis indica can help aid inflammation, muscle spasm, nerve damage, sleep, anxiety, any kind of body pains, arthritis, and even sclerosis and people who suffer from cancer.

Cannabis indica can really aid in alleviating these health problems. The oil and extracts of cannabis indica are proven to be very effective especially when eaten. It also helps manage levels of pain. Medical patients in the US can now go to dispensaries to get advice on which strains will be an ideal solution for any particular health problems they are feeling at the moment, having full benefits of the thirty years of many studies and research of the strains of cannabis indica in the present time.

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