What to Do with Male Weed Plants?

What to Do with Male Weed Plants

Among the different cannabis communities, common thinking of growers once the plant shows their gender is to destroy the males and make way for the feminized ones. The availability of feminized seeds canceled out the male ones. Little did they know, male weed plants have more to offer more than just in cultivation. This article will help you fully understand male weed plants and why they are often disposed of. We will also provide suggestions on what to do with male weed plants in case they manifest in your marijuana plant. 

What are Male Weed Plants? 

Male weed plants are known to be the black sheep of every marijuana plant. As soon as they manifest, growers remove them immediately to make way for the female plants. They throw them away as far from the female plant as possible to prevent pollination from taking place. Male weed plants may not produce flowers, but they serve numerous recreational and medical benefits that will surely interest marijuana users. 

All cannabis plants display different properties and characteristics. These are one of the few plants that can produce both female and male offspring, which progresses to opportunities creating different types of strains you’re most favorable of. This helps in preserving and maintaining the strength of genetics. With the presence of male weed plants, it can lead to deprivation of growth and weakening of the plant condition. 

Male plants are often disposed of immediately due to the growers’ misconception that these plants are useless. It can be useless in flowering, but it serves numerous benefits that will surely change your perspective with male weed plants. They deserve a rightful place more than just the trash can. Read on and know these six things you can do with male weed plants that you surely didn’t expect. 

Things to Do with Male Weed Plants 

What to do with male weed plants? These six ways on how to make use of male weed plants are beyond your expectations. From craft products to pain-relieving extracts, these plants sure do found their rightful place in the field of marijuana. Check out these six tips that can help you choose what to do. 

1. Breeding and Production

The production of a marijuana plant is only possible if a female cannabis plant is pollinated with a male one. If this did not take place, there’s a high probability that the plant will eventually die without producing seeds, which makes the growing process a waste of time. Pollens are used in creating a new generation of the plant. 

These days, most seed banks, like Sonoma Seeds, have found different hybrids through the use of feminized seeds, which eventually made two and three-way cross possible. This explains that the obtained seeds which undergone the process will not acquire 100% of the characteristics of the mother plant. They either lose flavor, potency and even compromise the quality of the buds they produce. 

2. Food and Drinks 

Male weed plants can also be used in the food industry. Regardless if they are male or female, they both uphold characteristics that serve your health right. They are high in antioxidants and phenols that can improve your health. These properties are often found in food, juices, and even supplements. The leaves can be used for salads and juices, considering that most people on a balanced diet are seeking greens rich in fiber. In case your planning to juice the leaves, remove the branches and stalks. 

This is actually ideal for people who are maintaining a balanced diet and want to try a different set of greens that can help in stimulating their health. The leaves can also be dried and used in different pasta recipes. Some people even found joy in using the extract of male weed leaves and incorporating them in several viands and snacks. Regardless of the health benefits of male weed leaves, ensure that the consumption remains moderation, considering that these still contain low to moderate amounts of THC. 

Juicing male cannabis plants is highly encouraged for those who want to manage their shape and weight. The leaves they contain have cannabinoids in their acids that protrude numerous pharmaceutical benefits. They may vary when it comes to concentrations, yet using male weed plants for both food and juices surely makes a difference in the lives of most people. Expect the taste to be bitter and earthy. You can also add other fruits to it too, in order to have natural sweeteners. 

3. Dietary Supplement 

On the other hand, male weed plants make good dietary supplements too. They are formulated and capsulated to serve as vitamins rich in fiber. This is actually a good stimulant to improve metabolism, which helps if you’re trying to lose weight. Male weed plants are best for managing your weight and diet. 

Considering how greens work, this stimulates your appetite at a minimum without compromising your need for vitamins and minerals. The nutrients this dietary supplement contains is actually a good alternative to laboratory-formulated vitamins. These are 100% natural and are also cost-efficient considering that the leaves are just waste products of a marijuana plant. 

4. Serves Medical Benefits 

Apart from weight management, male weed plants also help in stimulating one’s weight. They have several therapeutic claims which are completely natural, yet no prescriptions are required. To use as medicine, they crush the leaves and extract the oils. They can be used for food or for raw intake. The extracted oils help in relieving different pain-related symptoms concerning the joints, muscles, and even minor to moderate cases of headache. 

5. Produce Craft Material 

Apart from recreational and medical benefits, male weed plants serve, these can also be used in producing craft materials. They can be used to make fabrics and even ropes that will serve different purposes. More often than not, it’s actually a cheaper alternative to the usual raw materials used in making textiles. In addition, the quality of the produced products is not compromised too. They undergo several drying and curing process that will help stimulate their properties. 


These suggestions will surely help you identify what to do with male weed plants. It’s time to change the thinking of most cannabis growers that male weed plants should not consider them as waste. You have to make the most out of what the marijuana plant can offer, considering that you invest time, money, and effort in growing them.

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