Join Us and Let’s Make Money Together!

Would you like to make money the easiest and cheapest way online? Be one of our affiliate marketing, whether you’re new or a professional on creating a website, all you have is to be at the right age (you must be 18 years or older) to be able to join us.  Supported by the Green Affiliate, it will never be easy to have a huge opportunity along with affiliate marketing, but we’re here to find the best ways.

Concept of our Green Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is making money at any time from anywhere, even while you’re eating or sleeping. It is earning money without putting in much more laborious work. It is a famous tactic to make major online revenue and drive sales. A great advantage to you as our affiliate marketers and our brand. The only thing that you must have is, you have to have access to every kind of online network, like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or any websites that creates traffic, even though it wouldn’t have to be linked to cannabis. Join our Green Affiliate now and start making a lot of money. 

Rate of Commission We Offer

You get paid for the transactions you're driving every time you link to our website for quality traffics. We'll pay you a 20% commission for each and every close transaction and shipment of orders.

Reasons why you must join our Green Affiliates

We're offering 7 various marijuana seed companies and more, for you to endorse and promote, all on a single platform and this includes Rocket Seeds! We have merchants that offer aesthetic packaging, seeds with 80% assurance to germinate, famous high-quality strains, worldwide shipping, 24/7 customer service, and a trustworthy reputation. We also have customer services staff who stand by now with a tax-free number, happy to make calls from customers, and would help you to make extra money.

Getting Your Commission

Commissions shall be paid during the first 2 weeks of the month for commissions earned in the preceding month. We stump up affiliates worldwide through the use of e-transfer, bank wire transfer, Payoneer, cheque, and PayPal.

The Affiliate's Typical Commission Receive Every Month

When a standard affiliate makes 10 sales every month, then it would be equal to $100 to $200 for every sale. As well as $200 to $400 for additional payments, for just delivering customers and quality traffic to our brand. Even though many of the affiliates are earning as much as these figures.

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