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Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Hawaiian Gold Autoflower created by Sonoma Seeds, is a day starter Sativa-dominant hybrid that has energy-boosting effects. It is a cross between two outstanding strains, the Pineapple strain, and Super Lemon Haze. An easy to cultivate cannabis plant for its resilience and versatility. From its parents, it inherited its deliciously sweet and citrus flavors that became alluring to most smokers. Being a well-known energizing Sativa, it will pursue users to get into work mode rather than a mind on a vacation mode. It will kick off your day with an uplifting and happy feeling that will provide you enough vitality to make it through the day without feeling exhausted or tired.

Being a substantial “wake and bake” strain that fundamentally arouses the brain to function well first thing in the morning, motivates to be productive, leading to a blissful and creative mindset. Hawaiian Gold Autoflower weed strain can replace the outturn of a cup of coffee without feeling the agitation. Smoking this weed will turn you into an extreme state of euphoria and relaxes you completely. This Sativa with a THC level that can reach up to 21%, has potential medicinal benefits that will alleviate various mental and physical conditions.

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More About Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Strain

Type: Sativa-dominant (50% Sativa 40% Indica 10% Ruderalis)
Genetics Parents: Pineapple x Super Lemon Haze
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean / Temperate / Continental
Yield: 150 – 250 grams
Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Tropical, Earthy, Floral, Sweet
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 0.25%
Height: Medium (no specific measurement indicated)
Harvest Period: All year (no specific month indicated)
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian Gold Autoflower?

As its name suggests, Hawaiian Gold Autoflower inherited the tropical essence from its parents. A distinct scent of sweet mango and citrusy pineapple with floral and earthy hints will overwhelm the nostrils. Its flavor will have almost the same profile. Taste fruity, sweet, earthy, zesty, and citrusy but its Pineapple tang and fragrance usually stand out more. One puff from this weed will get you the feeling of sipping a pina colada.

Hawaiian Gold Autoflower cannabis strains have steady effects from both Indica and Sativa traits. In that sense, it will cause a refreshing cerebral buzz and also a physically tranquilizing high. It will begin with a heady high that will immensely hit the brain with an uplifting and euphoric splash. This sensation will get you into an energetic mood to convince free alliance, inspire creativity, start into a conversation, and some uncontrolled laughter that will make you happy. Then after a while, a physical buzz will commence. It will cause numbness and total relaxation that lingers from the head down to the extremities. This calming sensation will shower the body with mild sedation that will not cause sluggishness. With these effects, Hawaiian Gold Autoflower is perfect for unwinding on a fun weekend or a trip to a tropical island.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Gold Autoflower?

On the medical side, the Hawaiian Gold Autoflower will have therapeutic benefits. Its CBD level may be low, but it will hold heavy cannabinoids and terpene profiles that will soothe various mental and physical ailments. It is the best antidepressant for patients dealing with depression caused by stress, mood disorders, and other mental conditions. It will induce an optimistic mind with a feeling of contentment and happiness. Meanwhile, its Indica properties will turn to be an effective painkiller that will alleviate chronic pains and seizures. This includes migraines, muscle spasms, fatigue, epilepsy, and alike. It can also be the perfect relaxant to ease tensions away from the worries of life. And because it has an invigorating high, patients get arousal effects with its aphrodisiac properties.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hawaiian Gold Autoflower

Smokers are recommended to take small doses of Hawaiian Gold Autoflower weed strain first, before enlarging tolerance. With its high THC level, it may cause adverse reactions to novices. Manageable side effects may include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Hydrating yourself before, during, and after the smoke may keep you away from these irritations. Overdosage will lead to dizziness, paranoia, and hallucination.

How to Grow Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Hawaiian Gold Autoflower marijuana strains can thrive well both indoors and out. It is a versatile plant that doesn’t need a particular light requirement due to its auto-flowering capabilities. That means that it will quickly adapt from the vegetative phase to flowering, nevertheless of how countless light and dark hours it takes. This cannabis plant is easy to grow. Hawaiian Gold Autoflower seeds will flourish as fast as about 8 to 10 weeks, starting after it sprouted. With its quick maturity, growers can make multiple harvests in one growing year.

Indoor cultivation can be a breeze as it can grow to a medium-sized cannabis plant. With its average structure, a small growing space will not be an issue as long as you supply it with ample ventilation, humidity, and nutrition. Expect an average yield of about 150 to 250 grams per square meter. Outdoors, growers must expose them to a semi-humid climate. But due to its versatility, it can still stand in Mediterranean or temperate conditions. On its flowering stage, dense buds come with luminous green hues with some patches of deep green and pale amber hairs covered on frost. Growers can harvest average buds to about 250 grams per plant.

15 reviews for Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Melinda Cates

    These phenomenal marijuana strains are very fast flowering and were easy to grow in just 8-10 weeks I was able to harvest pretty good yields on my garden, I did topping once and it did respond well enough. This has a pretty good smoke that gives a sweet floral scent. When my days are off I used this Hawaiian Gold to make me feel good and relax and it always effective. This is also a good strain for insomnia and body pain.

  2. Michelle Richards

    Great seed! Hawaiian Gold Auto was very to cultivate a plant that shows some bright green leaves and yields very nice! The sweet floral scent of this strain matched really well with its euphoric high. And I usually use this stain when I feel like a negative aura is invading my thought. So I highly recommend this strain for those who seek great happiness.

  3. Clark M.

    Feeling fresh and unwind like summer time! all I can say. Scent like a mixed of sweet juice. You can see its flowers in 8 weeks, both grows indoor and outdoor. Day full of happiness and laughter at the same time no more headaches of no sleep at night.

  4. John Deseen

    Excellent seeds! These are strong starting! Expect this to go all the way through harvest! I germinated 10 seeds and all sprouted so 2 thumbs up for that! Excited to try out your other strains! This is my second batch and I am pretty confident about these ladies! Hopefully all stays on track and super excited for another worthwhile harvest! Thankn you Sonoma Seeds!

  5. John Barba

    Really, I am super pleased that I didn’t have any problem getting them to germinate. They are increasing much more than I had planned. A very rewarding strain! I love how my last harvest turned out! I always enjoyed the harvest. This pressure also gave me peace of mind and relief. I’ll never miss buying it!

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