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Welcome to the best place to buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds. Sonoma Seeds carry some the most popular, high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds ready to grow. All of our seeds are POTENT and VIABLE. Enjoy faster flowering and growing, plus the best yields only with our automatic seeds.

More and more growers prefer autoflowering seeds because this saves them time, effort, and money. All our seeds are inside the breeder’s packaging, so it’s a promise that your seeds are FRESH no matter where you’re located worldwide. Order your autoflowering seeds now, and let us help you grow the best weed at home.

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What are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow automatic plants. These plants flower early and will flower automatically, hence its name. Automatic seeds also have feminized qualities, and hence you are sure that you are germinating seeds that will grow female plants.

Today, more and more growers use automatic seeds because these will grow cannabis plants that are the easiest to grow. You are basically skipping a long growing period and a stressful pre-flowering phase when you use autoflowering seeds.

Most popular cannabis strains have autoflowering counterparts. You’ll find hybrid automatic sativa and hybrid automatic indica plants in our large collection of strains. Autoflowering seeds are indeed the most expensive seeds, but most growers say that it’s worth using. You can take advantage of promos, deals, and offers to buy autoflowering seeds at a discounted price.

What are the Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Seeds?

Growing autoflowering seeds have many advantages; here are just a few of them:

  • There’s no need for a special flowering lighting schedule

You won’t have to use a special lighting schedule to grow autoflowering plants. Your auto plants will flower according to their maturity.

  • You’ll get all-female plants

You won’t have to deal with accidental pollination with autoflowering seeds because you will only be growing female plants. You can grow weed confidently, knowing all your female plants are safe.

  • You’ll get small, compact plants perfect for stealth growing

Autoflowering cannabis plants are small and most compact plants depending on the strain. And because of the size of auto plants, you can grow a few of these plants inside a stealth growing area like a cabinet or growing tent. Stealth growing is ideal for people who cannot grow cannabis openly because of strict regulations.

  • Automatic plants flower faster

Autoflowering cannabis plants flower faster, and hence you’ll be able to harvest faster. You can grow twice or thrice a year and harvest more weed, as much as you want per year. Plants that flower faster will let you grow weed even during short summers and long winter months.

  • Ideal for first-time cannabis growers

You can grow your own supply of recreational and medicinal cannabis even if you’ve never grown cannabis before when you use autoflowering seeds. Because there’s no need to use a special lighting schedule, your work of growing cannabis becomes easier and hassle-free.

Some Tips for Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Remember the following techniques when growing autoflowering plants:

  • Get to know the marijuana strain you want to grow

Just like growing different kinds of marijuana seeds and strains, you must get to know the strain’s growing needs. This includes the kind of growing environment it prefers, the growing medium it requires, nutrients, watering, amount of light, temperature, and humidity. Consider all these, and you’re on the road to grow healthier and high-yielding plants.

  • Germinate your autoflowering seeds properly

We recommend germinating your autoflowering seeds using our techniques. Check these out from our cannabis seeds GERMINATION guide.

  • Use appropriate fertilizer mixes

There are specific fertilizer mixes that are made for autoflowering plants. Also, consider the correct product according to the growing phase of your plants. Use only organic fertilizer products and avoid products labeled time-release fertilizer mixes.

  • Prevent pests and molds

Pests and molds can strike anytime and can ruin all your hard work. Prevent molds by removing any sign of moisture and avoid pests by keeping your growing area clean and tidy. You should solve pests and mold problems fast before these become an infestation.

  • Monitor your plants

Whether you’re growing your autoflowering plants indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse, monitor the temperature and humidity of your growing area. Use precise digital instruments and take measurements daily and correct any errors at once.

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