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Are you looking for marijuana strains with a stimulating high? Do you want a heady recreational strain? Then you might be looking for Cannabis sativa strains. Sativa strains are perfect for sustaining energy throughout the day and for fighting depression, fatigue, and pain. But why buy weed when you can grow your own lovely marijuana sativa plants at home?

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What Are Sativa Seeds?

Sativa seeds will grow to sativa plants. Sativa is one of the major subspecies of Cannabis; the others are indica and ruderalis. Sativa plants grow very tall and thin with narrow and thin leaves that are the hallmark appearance of marijuana leaves.

Sativa plants usually take very long to grow and to flower compared to their indica counterpart. This plant requires more light to grow because of their size and contain less CBD than THC. But it does not mean sativa plants are not as therapeutic as indica.

Sativa strains also have medicinal uses. It is effective for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep. Most people who consume sativa need it to focus on their work and to enhance their creative nature.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sativa Seeds?

Sativa seeds are either pure sativas or are sativa-dominant strains. Using sativas has a lot of benefits

  • Get more yields with sativa plants

Sativas are known for their size as well as the size, weight, and density of their buds. With large and dense buds, you can get better yields per plant. Compared to indicas or ruderalis strains, the buds are smaller, and hence you need to develop all immature bud sites to grow more weed. You don’t need to do this once you have a large and dense sativa bud.

  • Grow plants with higher psychoactive effects

Growers who want to grow recreational plants will benefit a lot from sativa strains. As mentioned, these plants have lower CBD and higher THC, and thus, you can expect more psychoactive effects when you smoke sativas.

  • Produce weed with better chronic pain relief

Sativas offer a wide array of therapeutic effects, but the most impressive is its effective handling of chronic pain. You can naturally deal with post-operative pain, arthritis, back pain, muscle pains, and joint pains. Sativas also help with many other conditions in the most natural way. You don’t need to use drugs that have more side effects than good effects.

  • Grow plants with treatment for depression and fatigue

Sativas are perfect for the treatment of fatigue and depression because of its stimulating effects. You can use sativas to change your mood and help you deal with all kinds of mental conditions.

Some tips in growing Sativa plants

Sativa plants can be a handful to grow because of their size. Follow these techniques, and you’ll be on the road to harvesting good yields with your sativa plants.

  • Learn about the strains you are planning to grow

Always start any growing activity with an intense study of the strain you want to grow. Get to know the strain’s growing needs, including its preferred growing environment (indoor or outdoor), its ideal growing medium (soil, hydroponics, or other inert growing materials), the right fertilizer and supplements, the amount of light and other special growing needs.

  • Germinate your seeds before planting

We recommend germinating your seeds effectively using our germination techniques. If you have any questions about these techniques, contact us at any time.

  • Grow your plants in a large open area

Sativa strains tend to grow taller and wider and thus, provide a large growing area where it can grow as much as it can. However, leaving sativa plants to their own devices can lead to unruly and hard to manage plants. We still recommend training your sativa early on so you can improve its yields and control its very tall height.

They can still be grown indoors though. For as long as you give them enough space to grow bigger, then you won’t have any problem. The larger the space they are growing at, the bigger the chances you can get better yields from your sativa plants.

  • Use correct fertilizers

Sativa strains will do well with additional help from supplements and fertilizers. But make sure to use a fertilizer that works for your plant’s growing phase. Avoid time-release fertilizer products as these may fail to meet your plant’s needs at the right time.

  • Monitor your plants against pests and molds

Large sativa buds are attractive to pests. Caterpillars, snails, spider mites, and crickets are very attracted to the smell and trichomes that coat the buds as these mature. Molds can also develop from moisture that accumulates inside the buds. Because of all these possible problems, you must monitor and protect your plants early on.

Got questions? We have all the answers!

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