White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


This is an Autoflower version of White Widow which is a great choice for beginner growers since these varieties are much easier to grow. Just like the Original White Widow, the high is euphoric and energetic which is great for conversations or creative work. White Widow Autoflower seeds are the best of both worlds with lots of white crystals on the buds.

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White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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The main differences between White Widow Autoflower and White Widow are slightly lower THC levels at 21% (which is still very high) and it produces a slightly lower yield. For doing a little bit less work due to it flowering on its own its worth the trade off.

  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Growing: Very Easy
  • Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica / 30% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
  • Effect: Strong High
  • THC: Medium 21.1%
  • CBD: 0.70%
  • Country: Spain
  • Yield: Up to 250 grams indoor / 150 grams outdoors
  • Genetics: Original White Widow

As it is the autoflowering variety, you can also expect a lot of similarities of this strain with the original, growing wide and dark green leaves. The differences, however, include producing compact size, faster growth, and slightly more physical and stoney effects.

White Widow Autoflower Effects & Features

The White Widow autoflowering variety is almost as potent as the original version. It can leave you feeling energized, while still maintaining relaxation. You can also sense a feeling of euphoria which will enable you to function regularly, with a sharp boost of positivity all over your body. Because of the high levels of trichome and resin production, the effects of this variety are stunning.

White Widow Autoflower Flavors & Uses

The White Widow autoflowering variety is pungent, offering a combination of equatorial berry and hempy spice details. This strain offers quite a dynamic mix of flavors that any user can already tell that these plants are grown or used within some distance away. 

As used in the medical marijuana world, this strain is known to provide relief to certain symptoms including anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, as well as chronic pain. 

White Widow Autoflower Grow Info

The White Widow autoflowering strain is often regarded as a survivor strain, making it a recommended option for growers with some experience in weed cultivation. As an autoflowering variety, the growing process is much easier, and faster at the same time. The flowering time is at 8 weeks. In an indoor space, you can expect up to 250 grams of yield. On the other hand, you can expect about 150 grams of the plant in an outdoor setup. 

Even though this strain is resistant to colder climates, it is still best not to expose them to cold climates for too long. Overall, this strain is easy to grow. 

10 reviews for White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Wendell Hudon

    Cultivating White Widow seeds works like a dream. Very easy and fast thanks to autoflower versions. Gave her the chop around a week ago and ended up with some chunky buds, ridiculous amount of trichomes. As for the smoke, it was pretty nice with a full body smoke. I got light headed really fast. Very smooth hits indeed. I might have to go for the 10 pack next time

  2. Travis Aguirre

    I have grown this outdoor, I got a nice yield it’s very high quality stuff. It was fun to grow got a nice buzz from smoking this strain and can’t wait to buy it again.

  3. Loyal Collin

    Overall I’m happy with the outcomes growing this one was a real challenge. I’d definitely try this strain again however I’d be up for growing some of the Sonoma Seeds’ other strains too.

  4. Andre Wheeler

    As for this grow I have no complaints. The harvest went well. The buds are pretty dense and frosty. I noticed smoking gave me the munchies big time and she’s smooth to smoke. I love this strain during night time as it makes me a little sleepy and lazy. A must grow strain. A genetic masterpiece from Sonoma Seeds!

  5. Franklin Ryan

    What a treat to grow and harvest! Huge dense buds on all the plants, it’s a perfect consistency. The smoke is smooth! It’s kinda sweet and a little bit citrusy with a slightly woody aftertaste. Pleasuring you long after the smoke. No couch lock, clear headed, energetic and overall clean high!

  6. Duane Castillo

    Being my first grow, it’s hard to know what challenges. I’m surprised she even made it to harvest. I’m very happy with the results! The buds are dense, super sticky and super stinky. A taste sticks in your mouth for hours after smoking. I felt a real chill. Very relaxed. It helped with my anxiety and my arthritis pain. Thank you Sonoma!

  7. Cecil Vasquez

    It was a huge frosty harvest. Dank flowers reeking of citrus skunk and some kushy hues. Real delight to your senses. This is what I like about the hybrid strains. It is energizing at the same time it’s a sedating strain and I love the balance. Definitely a morning smoke for me personally.

  8. Chester Fields

    She grew well, not a fussy plant. She had very dense rock hard ones. I’m very happy with the yield. The smoke is a 100% true pure Indica high that lasts and lasts. Really citrusy after taste. It’s very uplifting with a nice body buzz then leans more into the indica side later in the buzz. White Widow from Sonoma Seeds is a solid choice!

  9. Kris sheepskin

    Awesome all flowered around 5th week grew very tall at just about 3 feet.im very impressed for a auto

  10. Gotti lee

    Well bought a 5 pack from my local town store n got them in cloth to germ

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