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White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds


White Widow Marijuana strain is an indica-dominant regular strain with a classic mix of legendary strains. It is a strain fit for beginners as it easy to grow, will flower early in just 8 weeks and short structure. White Widow grows only 90 cm tall and is perfect for growing inside a stealth growing area.

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More About White Widow

White Widow (regular) is an indica dominant hybrid regular cannabis strain. This classic strain is a mix of a legendary Brazilian Indica and a stunning South Indian Sativa.

White Widow is a beginner strain. It can thrive in temperate Continental or sunny Mediterranean climates. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and inside greenhouses with the best results. Your plants will flower in 8 to 10 weeks.

White Widow is a short plant growing only up to 90 cm tall. Your buds will have 22% THC and 0.6% CBD which is why it’s popular for stealth growers and recreational cannabis cultivators. White Widow is small, but it will have yields of 450 to 500 grams of yield per plant.

White Widow plants will be ready for harvest in October with earthy, pungent, pine and woody flavors to enjoy. This plant’s growth may be enhanced with plant training, including trimming, topping and pruning.

4 reviews for White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Javer

    It improves my mood while also increasing my awareness and productivity in moderate doses. And, since it helps me focus, I mostly smoke it before going to work. It also gives me a deep desire to talk, which aids me in having a really good conversation with anyone, including strangers! It has a sweet fruity flavor that is amazingly delicious. This is one of my favorites! It’s something I’d suggest to any new grower. It can tolerate fluctuations in humidity and temperature, as well as other minor cannabis-growing issues. In addition, the plant is mold-resistant and simple to place due to its medium build. It thrives in my outdoor area, producing impressive yields of 480 g each crop in just 8 weeks. It’s a really energizing weed! AWESOME!!

  2. Acker D.

    I’m speechless! The advantages of this strain are immediate. Its jolt of energy and uplifting euphoria instantly raise my spirits. It can also be used in a variety of environments, showing that it is more than just a mood enhancer. Furthermore, because it awakens my inner chatterbox, I smoke this while engaged in creative works as well as going to parties. In terms of therapy, this bud helps me with anxiety, memory problems, and insomnia. By planting it in my little greenhouse outside, it fills me with joy every day. It’s a medium-sized plant that’s easy to grow and tolerant of common gardening errors. In fact, I can use the seeds, which come in a 50/50 female to male ratio, to make new hybrids.

  3. Matthew C.

    White Widow is a classic marijuana strain that’s why I am amazed by it. The fact that it is an Indica-dominant, it can also make the best yield. White Widow can grow up to 90cm tall and the buds will carry 22% of THC and only .06% of CBD. The flowering time of White Widow is 8 to 10 weeks and is ready for harvest in October. It has a great cerebral effect, so make sure to consume your cannabis minimal and the flavor will keep you wanting for more because the pine-like with a trace of citrus won’t upset you.

  4. S. Nikolais

    The literal wonder plant with a LOT of medical rep with it. A strain so hardy that it gives its patients hardiness too, White Widow is an easy to grow plant thats resistant to bugs, molds and even colder climates. Just give it its basic needs and this will grow healthy. This is fragrant enough to be classified as skunkily pungent that has a complex aroma but is so easily distinguished, This can have a fruity or spicy taste, in some batches. With it’s euphoric blast that can leave you energetic and relaxed at the same time, I’m still confused why the WHO hasn’t classified this as the cure for anxiety, chronic pain and depression. Honestly, it’s an all in one scenario for this strain.

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