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BC God Bud is a very popular strain and has been cited as one of the most potent. It is one of the most renowned strains, one of the best in the world. It is a strain capable pf providing relief from pain, anxiety, stress and many more. It can be grown indoors or outdoors.

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More About BC God Bud (Regular)

An award-winning strain, BC God Bud has surpassed its peak and maintains to be a renowned strain up to this date, prevailing to be the best indica in the world. Fully loaded with sharp flavors and scent, it is undoubtedly an extremely prominent strain among growers. It has the potential growth of dense and intense crystal coating flowers.

With the fascinating terpenoids comes the out-of-this-world body high that not only restricted for psychoactive effects, but it comprises a high effectivity rate in reducing the manifestation of depressive behavior, curing insomnia, and traditional stimulating appetite capacity. Owing to its lineages from the God, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunks strains, this hybrid produces an insanely high THC level that potentially reaches beyond 24%.

Cultivated outdoor, the strain is prepared to be harvested in the month of October to within the standard nine weeks of the indoor flowering period. The seeds develop and induce a relatively enticing high outcome that cannabis connoisseurs and growers ranging from beginner to experienced ones will indeed yearn for to have in their backyard.

4 reviews for BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hulme Moir

    This strain was a great blessing to me. My 5-year-old dog, who had been my best friend, passed away a month ago. I’m heartbroken and depressed (I’m crying as I write this review), but I’m grateful for this weed because it helps me conquer my grief. Every time I puff it, I feel joyful and forget about my burdens. It helped me a lot with my sadness. I had dry eyes and mouth from smoking so much marijuana, so I just drank a lot of water. If you want to try it, do so in moderation. I had to trim and train the crops and foliage as they grew thick. It was a short plant with extremely delicious buds and fast euphoric effects. I produced about 850g per plant in outside growth after only 8 weeks of cultivation. I’m truly thankful for this one!

  2. D. Zane

    This plant is absolutely ideal! It was, without a mistake, the ideal strain for me! I was having some trouble sleeping, but after a puff of this, I had the most restful night of my life. Its smoke has a powerful body effect as well as a soothing, intense flavor. It calms me down and makes me feel sleepy after just a few hours. a great way to unwind! She’s given me greater yields in just 9 weeks of the flowering phase! I was able to harvest massive yields from outdoors development. Her buds are dense and covered in heavy crystals… an easy-to-grow plant that even a novice can successfully grow… the delicious earthy flavor and fragrance lingers for a pretty loooong time!

  3. Orlando

    BOOM! An out of this world high that I am looking for! BC God Bud does the power to make me float into a satisfying relaxation! Very easy to grow with high germination! Buds blossom into beauty! Thank you, Sonoma for having these seeds available on your seed bank! Excited to purchase another batch for my next cultivation.

  4. Ganelon Lamarre

    You can tell that the seeds are of awesome satisfactory high quality germination rate! everything has going nicely, exceptional bud at the end! Thank you!

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