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Bruce Banner is a very potent cannabis strain made from the union of two very strong strains: an OG Kush and a Strawberry Diesel. It’s a strain with very steep THC at 22% which can give you a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. It grows well in any environment and can provide you with good yields.

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More About Bruce Banner Regular

A regular type seed, Bruce Banner Regular, has genetic makeup, which came from the OG Kush strain and Strawberry Diesel strain. Both of its origins is prominent and has created a reputation in the scene of cannabis. The influential and strong balance of its impacts can furnish not only peace and serenity but likewise provide stimulating experience in most recreational users.

The seeds, when thrived, certainly will hit the roof with its surging THC level of up to 22%. It has medicinal treatment potential from its indica dominant genetics and primarily strikes the body’s several health issues.

A mass producer, this seed will not only bring a tremendous amount of high-quality harvest; it similarly generates relatively alluring flavors dominantly comprised of sweet and earthy tones. The overpowering diesel aroma will undoubtedly whack the nose, and even while it is thriving. Anticipate collecting large quantities with the least supervision put forth. The seeds are extremely easy to vegetate and should be prepared within sixty days of flowering time.

4 reviews for Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. L. Macghey

    It’s a one-of-a-kind hemp! When consumed, she has a fruity berry flavor and a heavy fuel fragrance that hits my nostrils; I admired that pleasant smell! The high buzz allows me to be productive and focused, and then it gently spreads from my brain to my entire body, removing negativity and clearing my thoughts.I’ve been having panic attacks lately, so I tried this, and she gratefully changed my life for the better! Don’t think twice, she’s a simple plant to flourish; keeping her outside in a warm environment is a wise choice, as she produces large amounts of tasty buds covered in trichomes. It gets high marks!

  2. E. Cardus

    A solid fuel fragrance with a strong hint of berry sweetness and a tinge of fresh flowers emerges as soon as it starts generating gooey resin. Which has the same taste profile as the original, but with a nice citrus note. It’s a relatively easy strain to care for. Indoors, indeed, the flora produces a strong gas odor which can cause my growing room to smell like a gas field. Well after 8 weeks of growth. This one gave me a massive quantity of high harvest! This weed gives me a peaceful calming sensation, and the high buzz lets me productive and focused. It then descends from my mind to my body, clearing away my mental state and eliminating toxic thoughts. And I’m afflicted with anxiety. For me, this herb is a great help!

  3. tyler

    I’ve had Bruce banner before, thoroughly enjoyed it, i was disappointed though when opening the seeds, one of the 5 I bought had a small crack at the bottom of it and obviously didn’t produce a tap root, the other 4 worked fine

  4. Peppin Rochefort

    Excellent really beautiful buds, really beautiful color, Bruce Banner has medicinal treatment potential. This strain is suitable for my region.Bruce Banner is my favored. It’s a great producer, a nice growing plant totally strong strain I may be growing this strain in the future.

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