God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds


God Bud is a strain rewarded for its flavorful aromas and tastes as well as its potent effects. It is popular for cannabis growers as it will produce dense and resin-packed buds. These buds are capable of producing up to 24% THC. You’ll get marijuana capable of busting out pain, depression and lack of appetite.

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5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00

God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About God Bud Regular

A mixture of Hawaiian female and Purple Skunk male, give rise to the sought after strain of today’s time, the God Bud Regular strain. This multi-awarded cannabis strain is packed and immense with the most flavorful and invigorating terpenoids. It has apparent chocolate and earthy aroma and an indication of sweetness that surely brings attention to the plant when growing. A well-known strain among cannabis growers is a highly dense and resinous plant packed with invigorating abrupt relaxing and soothing influences of the dominant indica genetics.

This influential strain can make a good indoor and outdoor plant that offers cannabis growers a very high amount of expected harvest and high level of THC level, expected to rise up to 24%. Within seven weeks of waiting, this extremely therapeutic strain will send medical remedies to both mind and body. It is approved for the treatment of depression, appetite stimulant, and broad relief of pain. With easy to grow characteristics, the seed has a quick duration of vegetative period and can be simply handled by amateur growers.

1 review for God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Artus Gadbois

    Very happy with my first attempt on this strain. A very strong plant, never have problem even if i have overwater. it made a big amount of buds. Extremely loosening up strain. Not extremely solid but rather ideal for chilling after work or nodding off.

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