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We have only the best organic strains in the world guaranteed to germinate at the best time. And whether you want to breed new strains or just make more seeds, our regular marijuana seeds are all set to give you ultimate satisfaction. Order your seed packs today. We ship seeds globally; just select the best shipment option for your location, and your orders will be delivered safely to your doorstep.

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What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds are also called photoperiod seeds. These will grow into marijuana plants that require special attention to the flower. Regular plants are similar to their wild counterparts as they require equal amounts of light and darkness to start flowering.

Regular marijuana plants should be placed to a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule for a few days to stimulate flowering. Also, it is only during the flowering phase when you are able to tell if your plants are male or female. Therefore, you won’t be able to tell if you’re growing male or female seeds.

Female cannabis plants will grow pre-flowers that look like fine, white wispy flowers called pistils. The male equivalent is sacs or balls that contain pollen. Growers who cultivate plants for weed remove males from the garden to avoid accidental pollination while breeders allow the males to remain to pollinate female plants.

Regular seeds flower depending on their type (sativa or indica) and will be ready for harvest around September or October. Flavors, scents, and effects depend on the strain and are passed on to their offspring.

Why are Regular Seeds better?

Regular seeds are better than any other type of marijuana seeds when it comes to breeding new plants. Just like any other plant, you need a male cannabis plant to fertilize a female cannabis plant. Pairing two plants with similar genetics create seeds that will grow into the same strain. Pairing two different strains will result in a new strain or breed of plants.

You need stable, high-quality regular seeds for breeding, and we are happy to say that all our regular seeds are the freshest, most potent, and ready-to-grow organic seeds.

Also, regular seeds are better than any other type for producing seeds. If you want to produce more seeds and stock up on your favorite weed seeds, then you must use regular seeds. We recommend that you use only good quality regular seeds to grow plants for manufacturing more seeds because, as they say, genetics matter a lot when it comes to overall plant health.

Tips on Growing Regular Marijuana Seeds

Growing regular cannabis plants is the most straightforward thing to do, and we guarantee that our regular seeds will help you breed new strains or grow more seeds for your needs. Here are some helpful tips for growing regular seeds:

  • Get to know your strains first

As with growing any kind of plant, get to know your strains first. Each cannabis strain has particular growing requirements that you should consider. Take note of the preferred growing area (indoor or outdoor), growing climate, temperature and humidity, amount of water and sunlight/light, and nutrients. You don’t have to stress about these, though, because most cannabis strains are very hardy, very forgiving, especially for beginner growers like you.

  • Consider fertilizer and supplements

We also recommend that you consider fertilizer and supplements to boost plant growth and budding. Use fertilizers that are made for cannabis growing and take note of the ideal growing phase for the product. Most fertilizers come in grow and bloom phases because cannabis has different nutrient requirements for each phase.

  • Careful handling – avoid Stressing them Out

Avoid stress, handle your plants carefully. Use low stress training only like the screen of green or the sea of green method.

  • High-intensity lighting is best

More light means more yields, so make sure to use the strongest lighting like HPS or CFL but ensure that all the parts of your plants are well lit, and temperature inside the growing area is closely monitored.

  • Protect plants from pests and molds

Pests and mold can eat your buds and plant and ruin all your hard work overnight, so be sure to monitor your plants against these. Daily checks are necessary.

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