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Welcome to Sonoma Seeds, where you can get the freshest and the most potent feminized marijuana seeds you can order online! We carry the best quality feminized seeds that will grow into the highest-yielding plants. We know you want nothing but good weed, the best harvests, and fast flowering plants.

Our feminized seeds are packed fresh and ready to grow. These are packed inside breeder’s bags, so it’s guaranteed viable the minute you open your order. We ship globally. You can order your favorite feminized marijuana seeds no matter where you are and get these fresh and ready on your doorstep.

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What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that will grow to female cannabis plants. These female plants will produce potent weed as long as you provide these with their growing needs. Feminized seeds are comparable with regular seeds as you know exactly that you’re growing female plants.

With regular seeds, it’s a hit or miss. You can buy a bag of regular seeds and get only half female seeds; sometimes, you may not get any females at all. Feminized seeds will save you time, money, and effort in growing plants that you will only need. If you don’t want to deal with male plants, which will only pollinate your females, then feminized seeds are the best way to go.

Why Choose Feminized Seeds?

Choosing feminized seeds is far better than using regular seeds because of the following reasons:

  • You will save time and effort

Feminized seeds can save you a lot of time as you will only grow the number of plants you need. When growing regular seeds, you need to sow more seeds to compensate for any male plants. In feminized seeds, germinate only the number of seeds you need and take care of all female plants from the start.

Save time and effort, plus you’ll save resources as well. You don’t need to wastewater, fertilizer, and light on plants that will only grow males.

  • You can confidently grow your female plants

Grow female plants without the wary of accidental pollination. Take note that overlooking just one male plant can be very damaging to your females as accidental pollination can take place! With feminized seeds, you won’t have to deal with males as well as hermaphrodite plants.

  • No more waiting for the pre-flowering period

It is too time-consuming to wait for the pre-flowering period just to know the gender of your plants. Feminized seeds let you skip this wait and move straight ahead with fattening your buds and growing more yields.

Things to Remember when Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Remember the following techniques to grow feminized seeds:

  • Get to know your strains first

The most crucial part of growing any kind of strain is to get to know what you’re up to. Study the strains well and include important aspects of growing like the strain’s preferred growing environment (indoor, outdoor or greenhouse growing), the size and height of a mature plant, the preferred temperature, humidity and soil pH, the amount and frequency of watering, needed extra nutrients and more. Understand these basic things, and you’re on the road to growing plants with better health and good yields.

  • Germinate your seeds properly

We have recommended germination techniques on our germination page. Check this out to get your feminized seeds ready for action.

  • Use good quality soil for cannabis growing

You must use only good quality soil that’s important for cannabis growing. Use organic soil or sandy, loamy soil, which has the best characteristics for cultivating cannabis. Sandy-loamy soil is soil that aerates better, can absorb and drain nutrients and water better.

  • Use the right fertilizer

We recommend using good quality fertilizer that is according to your plant’s growing phase. Never use time-released fertilizer products as cannabis plants vary in growth and development.

  • We Recommend Growing them Indoors

You can grow most feminized seeds strains indoors and outdoors, but we recommend growing your plants indoors. This will protect your precious ladies from pests and molds and will shield it from weather changes. Indoor growing will also let you provide accurate temperature, humidity, and air circulation that will benefit your plants’ growth and bud development.

  • Monitor your plants regularly

Take time to monitor your plants and make this a daily habit. Use a digital thermometer and hygrometer to get the most accurate measurements. Make the appropriate corrections as soon as you can.

We also recommend monitoring soil pH as incorrect readings can affect the way your plants take in nutrients. Correct these as necessary.

Got questions? We got answers!

Do you have questions about feminized seeds? We can help you with your concerns about germination, growing, flowering and more. Our friendly customer service representatives are available 24/7.