Hybrid Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Get your FRESH and POTENT HYBRID marijuana seeds from Sonoma Seeds. Our hybrid strains are some of the most flavorful, top-quality, and ready to grow seeds strains in the market. No matter where you are, we guarantee only the finest hybrid seeds delivered straight to your doorstep.

We deliver anywhere around the world. You can select from any of our shipment methods guaranteed to deliver your orders no matter where you are. Our hybrid seeds are placed inside their breeder’s packaging to ensure freshness by the time you want to use them.

Can’t make up your mind if you want a sativa or an indica? Grow a hybrid strain instead!

What are Hybrid Seeds?

Hybrid cannabis seeds will grow into hybrid marijuana plants. A hybrid is a strain that was made from the combination of two different strains. A hybrid may have equal genetic traits coming from each parent. There are also hybrids with more traits coming from one parent and less genetic material from other parent cannabis strain.

And having a mixture of the strains’ genetic makeup results in a mixture of effects as well. You can get indica-sativa plants with moderate height and plant structure, average yields, and flavors.                                                                                 

Why are Hybrid Marijuana Seeds Better?

Hybrid seeds are better than other strains because:

  • You’ll get the best of both worlds with hybrid strains

Grow hybrid plants, and you’ll get plants with combination characteristics of the parent strains. From the strain’s effects, aroma, smell, physical appearance, and medical effects, you’ll find these the best of both worlds.

  • Hybrid strains can be used to grow recreational strains

Use hybrid strains to create recreational strains. These strains are great for all kinds of effects from stimulating to relaxing. Effects may vary depending on the more dominant strain’s effects.

  • Marijuana Hybrids can cultivate medicinal strains

Aside from helping recreational cannabis users, hybrid strains also produce weed that can help with all kinds of medical conditions, including pain, stress, insomnia, and many more.

  • Hybrids are ready to grow in almost all environments

Marijuana hybrids will work in all environments and are very resilient to environmental changes, including changes in temperature, humidity, and airflow.

Some Tips in Growing Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Consider the following when growing hybrid cannabis strains:

  • Understand the strain you want to grow

Always make it a habit of learning all about the strain you wish to grow before you purchase seeds. Hybrids are a bit harder to understand as you need to consider the characteristics of each of the strain’s parents. Include growing needs like the type of growing environment the strain prefers, the growing medium, the kind of fertilizer, watering styles, and preferences with temperature, humidity, or soil pH.

Some strains can be finicky while some are easy to grow; just remember to get to know your strains, and you won’t find it hard to grow hybrids anymore.

  • Germinate your hybrid strains properly

We have formulated the best germination guide for you. All you need to do is to follow this closely to get the best results. You’ll find our guide from our GERMINATION tab. If you have questions about germinating your seeds, do not hesitate to contact us right away.

  • Use the right growing medium

Not all soils are the same; some soils will grow better cannabis plants than others. Use organic sandy-loamy soil. This soil can drain water and fertilizer better and can absorb these better as well. This is also well-aerated, so oxygen can easily pass through to benefit the roots.

Grow your plants in large final containers. We recommend large fabric pots or bags because these drains better and aerate the soil better as well.

  • Provide the right fertilizer and supplements

Take note that fertilizer products vary depending on the growing phase of your plants. Cannabis plants have two major life phases and have different nutritional needs for each phase. Therefore, using correct supplements can considerably enhance the health of your plants. You’ll also get larger and denser buds with the right nutrients.

  • Monitor your plants for pests and molds

Pests like spider mites, caterpillars, thrips, crickets, and grasshoppers can devour your plants in one night! If you’re not careful, all your hard work will be lost. The best way to avoid pests is to be diligent. Clean and remove litter inside your growing area so you won’t attract pests. When you find one, there’s likely more nearby, so inspect everything.

Meanwhile, molds are from moisture-rich environments. Prevent mold by removing moisture using fans, dehumidifiers, and opening a window or door. Always water your plants properly to avoid moisture. Water only when the soil is dry and never when it’s moist and wet.

Got some questions about hybrid marijuana seeds? Let us help you out!

Do you have questions about hybrid marijuana plants? Is this your first time to grow hybrids? Let us help you out. Help is just a chat away, so contact our customer representatives now.