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What are Indica Seeds?

Indica cannabis seeds will grow to indica plants. Cannabis indica is one of the three subspecies of cannabis with the other two Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis.

Indica plants are cannabis plants with a small and compact body. A full-grown, mature indica can grow as tall as 3 to 4 feet. These plants have wide leaves and have shorter flowering times and harvest times than sativa plants.

When it comes to effects, growers cultivate indica strains for their high CBD amounts. CBD is the therapeutic component of marijuana that can help treat all kinds of medical conditions, including stress, anxiety, all kinds of aches and pains, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Indicas are mostly smoked at night as a calming strain. Most indica strains come with sweet flavors compared to sativas with an earthy aroma and taste.

What Makes Indica Seeds Better?

Indica seeds are far better than other strains because of the following:

  • Indica plants are smaller and more compact

If you can’t grow cannabis outdoors, then a smaller indica may be better for you. You may further train your plants to control their growth and enhance their yields using low stress techniques.

  • Indicas have more CBD than other strains

Indica plants contain higher amounts of CBD and thus are best grown by people who are looking for medicinal strains. Medical cannabis users prefer indica plants to help them with medical conditions such as pain, poor appetite, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and nausea. Take note that cannabis is a natural treatment, and thus, it has no dangerous side effects.

  • Indicas grow faster and harvest faster than sativa strains

Indica plants tend to grow and harvest faster compared to sativas, and thus, you can grow more plants if you live in a country or region with only two distinct climates.

Some Tips in Growing Indica Marijuana Plants

Consider the following when growing indica plants:

  • Understand the strain you want to grow

As with all other seeds, you must understand very well the growing needs of the strain you wish to grow. Consider the strain’s growing environment (outdoors, indoor or greenhouse growing), the kind of growing medium (soil, hydro, or other inert growing materials), right kind of supplement or nutrient, the amount of light, temperature, and humidity your plants need. Knowing all these can significantly help you grow your indica plants more efficiently.

  • Germinate your indica seeds properly

There are many ways to germinate cannabis seeds, but for a higher success rate, we recommend our germination techniques. Follow these closely to sprout your seeds at the best time.

  • Use high-intensity lighting

Light = is yield, and thus a stronger lamp can help boost yields. We recommend using high-intensity lamps like CFL or HPS lamps. Make sure to illuminate all the parts of your indica plants, not just the main cola or buds. Use several lamps for maximum illumination but take extra effort to control temperatures inside the growing area. These lamps can become too hot for your plants!

  • Use good quality fertilizer and supplements

We recommend enhancing the growth and flowering of your plants using appropriate fertilizer products. Most fertilizer products for cannabis are based on the growing phase of the plant. There are growing products and blooming or flowering products.

Also, follow instructions on how to apply these to your plants. Never use a single kind of fertilizer across the growing cycle of your plants and never use time-released nutrients. Your plants’ nutritional needs vary, and time-released product may only ruin your plant’s growth and flowering.

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