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LA Confidential Feminized strain was developed in South California Labs, and it is an 80/20 Indica/Sativa hybrid. LA Confidential Feminized seeds grow a tasty blend ranging from 19-25%. This famous West Coast hybrid strain is in high demand, particularly all over Los Angeles. As a blend of OG LA Affie and Afghani, it’s a super-strain that produces a powerful high psychedelic euphoria. It offers its user a mind-soothing and body-calming sensation. LA Confidential Feminized strain offers useful medical benefits. An established chronic pain fighter also helps to relieve the symptoms of various illnesses. This cannabis strain offers its users total relaxation, letting their issues fade away. It’s also a very useful treatment for stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders.

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la confidential seeds
LA Confidential Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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What are the Flavor and Effects of LA Confidential Feminized?

The flavor LA Confidential Feminized will recall its pungent aroma. It is a powerful, creamy flavor, blended with sweetness. The skunky mouthfeel with a while on your taste buds. Appreciate this strain’s full signature flavor profile, that will prominent piney likeness. This cannabis strain has mildly and relaxing psychedelic effects.

What are the Medical Benefits of LA Confidential Feminized?

LA Confidential Feminized strain has several healing skills and abilities that some other strains don’t have. Its tranquilizing features make it popular for medical marijuana users and west coast dispensaries. Examples of illnesses relieved by this cannabis strain include inflammation, arthritis, swelling, insomnia, joint pain, restlessness, pain, depression, and stress. Because of all these treatment effects, arthritis and inflammation have been commonly prescribed. A study has also shown that LA Confidential Feminized strain can effectively soothe joint pain and swelling, making life a little better for all these patients. It is also a very famous strain to relieve insomnia and restlessness, due to its ability to reassure users. This also helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. Because of all these medicinal benefits, LA Confidential Feminized is one of the West Coast’s most famous marijuana strains.

How to Grow LA Confidential Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

LA Confidential Feminized strain seeds make gardening easy, producing above-average yields for an OG Kush hybrid strain. This plant is very adaptable, with powerful defense mechanisms toward various pests and molds. Seeds grow aggressively, forming tall chunky plants to limited leaf cover. As such, pre-vegging and thickening large fan leaves are recommended to maximize yields throughout future flower initiation. The indoor growing can take 6-8 weeks to bloom, and it can produce a yield of 14 ounces per plant. Outdoors, plants complete flowering by early October, delivering 16 ounces per plant harvest.


7 reviews for LA Confidential Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Nigel L.

    Two thumbs up for this super easy to grow strain! Had some fine harvests that were healthy and plenty. The taste and aroma are inviting and the hints of spice are my favorite. Definitely a great help to my insomnia problem. I’ve had some best nights of sleep thanks to LA Confidential!

  2. Michael Hambleton

    I love how this strain tastes similar to the way it smells. This strain also easy to grow and very easy to take care of. I highly recommend this strain. No negative comment at all. 10/10 for me.

  3. Ivan Davidson

    The plants all turned out gorgeous. I’m able to focus without the distracting cerebral high yet still uplifting. Also for me, La Confidential made me not desire food totally was a great indica for evening uses. Very pleased with the quality of seeds and the germination rate.

  4. Dave Byrd

    Grew relatively easy. If I’m agitated and moody, puts me at ease and makes me feel extremely calm. I’m glued to the bed but in a nice way. Limbs feel so heavy. Definitely a night time one. This plant exceeded all expectations. I love growing my own weed because I know it’s organic. Thank you Sonoma Seeds!

  5. Alberto Vargas

    Great first strain to grow and learn. Sweet, piney, skunky, and earthy were the smells and tastes. Energizing Indica. Relief from pain and puts me into a creative mood. I love LA Confidential! I am looking forward to growing it again. Loyal customer here!

  6. Alfredo Jensen

    Fantastic work and a well earned harvest. The pear green buds were hard with fire brown pistils and crystal trichomes inside. No cough, very smooth tasting and very strong! Clear-headed but with full body relaxation. Really relaxing strain. Great service and great genetics.

  7. Casey Fleming

    LA Confidential is resistant to grower mistakes. She got hard, tasty buds covered in resin with a good yield from such a small tent. Initially a very nice head euphoria and will stay that way unless you smoke the whole joint, prepare yourself for couch lock. One of the best Indica strains I ever had.

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