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You won’t be able to resist Badazz Cheese feminized strain. It has a very powerful flavor profile coming from dense buds coated with rich resin. It is a strain known also for its therapeutic and recreational effects as it can relieve different ailments like pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia with mild psychoactive effects.

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More About Badazz Cheese (fem)

A Strain With Irresistible Bag Appeal

If you can’t resist dense flowers that come with a strong flavor profile, an intriguing scent, and buds with thick resin coats, you should definitely check out the Badazz Cheese. Genetically blessed with lots of potent properties, this strain can offer you an amazing therapeutic and recreational experience. For medical users, this strain provides relief against anxiety, insomnia, stress, and physical pain.

Born from combining the genetics of the Afghan Kush, OG Original, and Urkel, the Badazz Cheese is a combination of various popular flavors and scents. The buds smell like aged Swiss Cheese, a hint of cedarwood, and a skunky undertone.

When consumed, it has THC levels of 15 to 20 percent, which potency brings the mind into euphoria, rising above anxiety, depression, and stress. Then, it provides the user with calmness and release of tension.

3 reviews for Badazz Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Caleb D.

    It’s a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t need a lot of work to achieve its full potential. It does, however, demand consistency since pathogens are attracted to the long and thick buds. I trim away unnecessary fan leaves to give sufficient air flow, I don’t overwater, and I keep an eye on the humidity and temperature to avoid damage and diseases. That was why I kept mine on my balcony in organic soil, where it received the proper amount of sunlight! It thrived after 10 weeks, and I collected about 1.5 oz of light green buds per sqm… Because of its medicinal properties, I wanted to plant it. Well, it aided me with all of my struggles because I suffered from anxiety and insomnia… Folks, no more sleepless nights… Its soft and silky aftertaste is irresistible to my taste buds! I’m truly grateful!

  2. Quinton H.

    It is completely germinated! I kept this herb outside and chose a location where it would get ample sunlight. It is incredibly flexible and grows well in coco coir soil, which I used to develop it. She produces high yields after 9 weeks, with heavy buds that have a thick coat of resin and an enticing scent and flavor profile. When lit, the thick smoke tantalizes my sense of taste with a distinct cheese flavor, as well as cedarwood and pine notes with a Skunk aftertaste. It leaves a sweet and slightly soft aftertaste mouthfeel on my lips when I puff. It’s energizing and soothing, and it helps me relieve my tension and joint pain. The upbeat high is exhilaratingly wonderful, and it makes me laugh out loud. It’s a sociable weed that makes me friendly and chatty and cheerful, which I love sharing with my mates at weekend gatherings. Highly RECOMMENDED!!

  3. LGarceau

    The germination rate is just fantastic. They were very quick to grow within 5 days I was able to see shoots. They are growing faster than any other seed I purchased. I currently have in my grow tent. Overall great seeds and tremendous growth!

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