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Cross a Rolex OG Kush with a Badazz OG Kush and you’ll get an intense high with the Badazz Rolex. This is a strain with a fantastic aroma that will surely satisfy anyone. You can use this to relieve all kinds of conditions including stress, insomnia, physical and mental fatigue and pain.

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More About Badazz Rolex (fem)

Compact But Comes With Great Quality

Produced through crossing two powerful strains, namely Rolex OG Kush and Badazz OG Kush, the Badazz Rolex promises an intense mind and body high, plentiful yields, and delicious aroma to satisfy even the pickiest of users. Consuming this can provide comforts against aches, fatigues, insomnia, and stress. But more than that, it can also send your senses into an adventure through the great aromas and delicious flavors.

This strain is another addition of fun, Indica-leaning hybrids that can deliver sedating properties. This makes it a great one to reach for when you need to ease your mind and unwind yourself from some daily troubles.

For growers, the Badazz Rolex is easy to care for, and another reason to get motivated is that the THC levels can reach a high 23 percent. This short plant can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on your own preference. Usually, flowering will just take a quick 8 to 10 weeks.

3 reviews for Badazz Rolex Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lucas P.

    Impressive strain! Because it was a small plant, I grew it inside. Mine reached a height of around 3 feet. In just eight weeks, I was able to collect yields of about 430g/m2! The large yield was well worth the time and effort it took to develop this plant. It wasn’t ideal for novices because it required a lot of supervision, but if you’re completely dedicated, I’m sure you could do it. Insanely delicious buds that tingled my palate and were the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It had a strong effect on me; I slept very well and my severe insomnia was completely gone… This is something I’ll suggest to my younger sister, who suffers from migraines and dysmenorrhea… Sonoma Seeds will not let you down with their high-quality seeds and service!

  2. L. Hill

    What an incredible strain! It grows small and robust, with short internodes between its limbs. Its compact structure makes it perfect for growing both indoors or out. However, I kept mine outside, where it thrives and produces good yields in just 9 weeks. Her strong and uplifting euphoria gives me a tingling and energizing euphoric high, whilst the sedative effects gradually take over. After about an hour, I experienced a full-fledged body high that actually made me feel both relaxed and ecstatic. The herbal, Kush notes come out first when smoked, accompanied by hints of fruits and pine with a sour berry flavour. Both inexperienced and experienced growers will enjoy the results of this crop with minimal effort. Thank you Sonoma!

  3. RolandL

    This strain grew nice dense nugs and she was a breeze to grow. She grew very strongly, and happily spreading her beautiful smell for the major part of flower smells so good. A great yielder as well. The taste is great and the smoke is thick with not much needed to get a good buzz going.

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