Amnesia Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Amnesia Kush is a heavy-hitting strain that can provide a refreshing cerebral experience. It is a very potent strain ready to give you amazing yields. It is also a tall plant, and will grow large and dense buds. You’ll love Amnesia Kush with its signature aroma and scent. It smells of rich herbs, citrus and spice.

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Amnesia Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Amnesia Kush (fem)

Classy, Hard-Hitting, and Heavy Producer

If you are a user who tends to go for strains that are of high quality and can deliver an invigorating cerebral experience, you would love the Amnesia Kush. Born from the marriage of the OG Kush and the Amnesia Haze, this offspring is an iconic meeting of different genetics for an exceptional growing experience. It inherited the generously potent yields of the Amnesia Haze and the vigor and the tenacity of the OG Kush.

When it grows, it can reach a tall height, while producing lots of dense and resin-filled buds. But, because the strain is so tall, it can hinder indoor growers and provide some inconvenience. It can also affect growers who prefer stealthy cultivation.

The Amnesia Kush comes with the signature OG Kush aroma, just mixed with a wild citrus hit. If a user tastes the buds, it will experience citrus, herb, and lightly spiced aftertaste.

1 review for Amnesia Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. OrsonS

    The yield on this was amazing It has a really extreme flavour and smell, with strong and fresh notes of citrus. The effect is powerful, cerebral and long lasting. One of the first and best plants that I have ever grown, really all excellent and perfect.

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