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Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Afghan fem is a feminized cannabis strain with outstanding beauty. It is very potent with a very strong and body-centric high. It may be grown indoors or outdoors and because it’s a feminized strain, expect to grow only female strains; no more male plants that will only pollinate your delicate female plants.

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More About Afghan (fem):

The Foundation Of The Cannabis Industry

Solely celebrating its space at the top of the cannabis ladder, the Afghan is a product of human efforts and nature’s beauty. It has been loved for decades because of its intense potency and strong body high. As technology has improved, it is available as feminized seeds, which makes the growing experience much easier to accomplish.

Taken from the mountains of Afghanistan, this timeless favorite is still unparalleled even to this very day. It is revered by many breeders, and it has given birth to the most popular hybrids on the face of the earth. Through its survival in the wild, this strain has proven its strength and resiliency. It is truly a perfect low-maintenance strain to care for.

When cultivated indoors, it flowers within 8 to 9 weeks, and it produces up to 450 grams yield if it has received optimal care and growing conditions.

3 reviews for Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Gregory D.

    My favorite strain is Afghan, which has soft spices and fresh mint flavors. Since I run our family’s business, it’s a pretty strong relaxant that’s perfect for unwinding after a stressful day. A few puffs were enough to keep me glued to my sofa for several hours. If the dose is raised, a looooong nap is indeed guaranteed. It also causes me to have bursts of hysterical laughter and giggles… These plants are low-maintenance, hardy, and a formidable foe to common marijuana pests. It’s an easy and enjoyable addition to my backyard grow room, and it produces high yields after 9 weeks. I’ll be purchasing more soon and sharing them with my mates!

  2. Jones S.

    I’m in love with this straightforward strain because of its potency and solid body high. I held mine outside and it produced excellent yields after just 9 weeks. The foliage was frosted but thin, allowing snipping a simple task. It guarantees an all-female dream squad, in addition to being easy to cultivate. It has a distinct smell, with earthy, woody, and spicy undertones. It resembles a field of fresh flowers flanked by pine trees in several respects. It’s a strong sedative that helps me unwind after a hard day at work. A couple of hits would be enough to put me in a 2 to 3-hour couch-lock. Truly a relaxinggg weed!

  3. S. Cruz

    One of the classic right in my hands, and one of the purest lineages too. With that tits kind of easy to grow, whether inside or outside. Kind of short in stature and be kept out of sight. Hardy and resilient to molds and mildew too. When taking a puff, take in one of the most fragrant and pleasant herbal aromas. Earthy, piney, spicy it keeps you at peace while you savor its blended aftertastes, which should remind you of a floral garden. It totally helped me with the back pain when I pulled a muscle. I did a little digging and found out that it can help with PTSD too, God bless them. Highly recommended for anyone are having it rough with pain.

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