Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds


Agent Orange is a powerful hybrid with a satisfying recreational and medicinal effects. It is the best strain to satisfy your craving as it can sedate and stimulate your body and mind. This hybrid is also bursting with wild flavors, fruity and citrusy at the same time. It is also very productive, producing the best yields every time.

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Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Agent Orange Regular

A crossbreed of the renowned strains, Orange Velvet cannabis, and the Jack the Ripper strain, is the birth of Agent Orange Regular strain. A combined sativa and indica varieties, this strain is a powerful hybrid that will satisfy every craving of all cannabis users, regardless if used for recreational or medicinal purposes.

The harmonious effects of stimulation and sedation on both mind and body it can bring are brought by their hybrid genetics and soaring 16% THC level. Surely sativa and indica lovers will be truly impressed. This strain will not only satisfy users with its delightful intense flavors and scent combined with fruity and citrus indication. It has even an intense orange undertone as well, definitely a day to day refreshment.

Growers will have less effort exerted in cultivating the seeds as it is very manageable and open for beginners to grow indoor or outdoor. With suitable maintenance, growers can expect to have a minimum of 700 grams of harvest within sixty days of the flowering phase.

2 reviews for Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Noriel

    Agent Orange seeds is indeed an enormous yielder in just two months. I am amazed at how fast they grow. I love its sedating effect on my mind and body relieving my depression. My kind of dose of happiness. Ordered again for my next batch and will gift this to my best friend who love citrusy flavors. Kuddos Sonoma Seeds smooth transaction!

  2. Marsilius Simard

    Awesome strain, very robust. seeds all germinated nicely. I was particularly shocked through the yield. If you follow all the steps nicely and which you deliver them what they want you may have an awesome harvest. thank you very a whole lot, gladly again! Thumbs up for Sonoma Seeds awesome strain!

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