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Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds


Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with an uplifting effect. It comes with delicious spicy, earthy, and pine flavors coming from its potent parents. It is easy to grow as it can grow well indoors or outdoors and is resistant to molds and pests. It can provide up to 18% THC and will produce up to 500 grams of weed per plant.

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More About Northern Lights

Northern Lights (regular) is an indica dominant hybrid regular cannabis strain with an uplifting effect and matching pine, spicy, and earthy flavors. This legendary strain is the product of a classic Afghani and a classy Thai.

Northern Lights is one of the easiest to grow because of its stable genetics and its ability to ward off molds and pests. It can thrive in temperate Continental or sunny Mediterranean climates and may be cultivated inside a greenhouse, indoors, or outdoors. This strain will flower in 8 to 10 weeks and will grow to a medium height of 100 to 130 cm.

But despite its height, expect high yields of 400 to 500 grams per plant. Northern Lights buds have 18% THC and 0.3% CBD. Your buds will be ready for harvesting in October, and you’ll know when the buds start to smell earthy, pine, spicy, and woody flavors.

3 reviews for Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. D. Howard

    One of the most delightful weeds I’ve ever had! It raises my spirits and transports me to a blissful, peaceful state. At the same time, it relaxes my body, wrapping me in the kind of relaxed slumber that signifies genuine rest… has a unique combination of fiery earthiness and a sweet pine-like scent. Honeyed pine and spicy sandalwood are the flavors that come to mind… Northern Lights are still hardy, and it looks great in my side yard. Within 9 weeks of cultivation, it developed a maximum harvest of up to 550 grams of gooey buds per plant after being placed in a warm and sunny location. This strain does have a lot to offer!

  2. Shearer K.

    My personal fave! She is a hardy plant which I grow outdoors with sufficient daylight. fast growing period of about eight weeks, and she could really guarantee you a decent yield of gooey buds. I got roughly 550g/plant, sooooo grateful! The smoke tastes like a sweet-pine blend with spice, and the vapor is heavy and pleasurable! Provide head-to-toe tranquility, and is an awesome night weed for all those people who have suffered from insomnia. This herb alleviated my concerns and provided me with a sense of comfort. It was well worth all the effort. I’m going to get some more!

  3. L. Zayeed

    A happy strain, basically. I mean growing is one of the fun parts, and this strain didn’t even needs much. Just warm weather and tended with all the basic needs. Just kidding, testing this was the best part. It’s scent carried sweet and spicy tones, which invigorates the users, then the skunky pines and earthy taste can stick to the palate. There lingers a trace of lemon and a sweet dank aftertaste. Physical pain got nothing against Northern Lights, even mood swings can be easily relieved. It almost guarantees easing pain of arthritis, muscle spasms and even PMS. I’d recommend this to the people who needs a break, for sleepiness or just restlessness, since this is quite the relaxant.

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