Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds


One of the most prominent cannabis strains with mysterious origins is Alien Technology. This is a regular strain with potent THC content that can go as high as 19%. Alien Technology is potent but it can take time to work. When it comes to growing, many cultivators love it for its ability to avoid mold and mildew in any environment.

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Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds

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More About Alien Technology (Regular)

Alien Technology is a prominent and mysterious powerful strain rumored to be originated from Afghanistan and earned its way by entering the United States. It is a no-joke strain that is serious in inducing a potent degree of THC soaring up to 19%. This pure indica strain is proud to provoke gentle yet great sweetness flavor and few kicks of tropical delight. The apparent piney tones also show off even while the plant is growing.

Despite the gradual increase of high delivered by this strain, it could last up to a full long six hours before it starts to take off. Hence, most recreational consumers sought this strain to experience long-lasting, satisfying indica influences. The strain, though, is not entirely exclusive for recreational intention, but with CBD of 1%, the strain can potentially send off remedial treatments for patients seeking its therapeutic capabilities.

Growing can typically implicate standard indica cultivating methods that compel pruning during the thriving process. With good ventilation, growing the seeds should not encounter any issues with molds and mildew development. Best for indoor and outdoor medium, this strain expects to yield an oozing amount of at least 500 grams after a minimum of eight weeks flowering phase—this strong and sturdy strain, capable of sustaining life even at cold temperatures and low humidity levels.

1 review for Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lothair Charbonneau

    Smooth plant that accepts strain with moderation. I’m a new grower and i had no issue sprouting or growing this strain. The yield turned out amazing as promoted, however, i am new, so the next harvest must be better. thank you so much for all the good information will keep to use Sonoma Seeds for all future grow.

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