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Moby is a regular cannabis strain known for its refreshing smell and taste and very heavy yields up to 1500 grams of marijuana per plant. This plant grows very tall at 300 cm high and thus, it’s not for beginners to grow. THC levels are also to the extreme at 24%.

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More About Moby

Moby or Moby Dick (regular) is a sativa dominant hybrid is a regular cannabis strain. It is a strain with a refreshing aroma and is capable of producing up to 1500 grams per plant yield. Moby Dick is the product of the union of two powerful strains: a stunning White Widow and a potent Sativa Haze.

Moby is not a beginner strain because of its size and yield. A mature Moby can grow as tall as 300 cm with yields of 500 to 650 grams per plant. This strain will flower in 8 to 10 weeks with buds reaching a peak of 24% THC, an amazing level that recreational growers are looking for. It also contains 0.8% CBD.

Moby Dick prefers a temperate or continental or sunny Mediterranean climate. It’s best to be grown outdoors to maximize its yield and plant height too. It will be ready for harvest in October.

3 reviews for Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ahmad W.

    Despite the fact that this plant is difficult to grow and needs a lot of attention, the yields it generates are unbelievable! It produced aromatic, thick, and powerful buds. I enjoy the scent and flavor of it; it’s so pleasing to my taste buds. The effects are incredible, making me keep laughing than before. It’s unquestionably uplifting. So, if you’re aiming for a strain that will improve your mood, you should have these seeds. It would not only provide you with a massive yield, but also a sweet pure heart!

  2. Hutton

    Honestly, I was a little hesitant to try this Moby regular! But, damn, it far outperformed my high hopes! It was a very easy flourish that didn’t require a lot of nutrients to actually help it bloom. I was really delighted with the fragrance, which was hashy and floral. The effects are bizarre, making you laugh and giggle. Very effective mood enhancer. This plant, I claim, has incredible benefits which we can take advantage of. So don’t accept “No” for an answer. Which had a lovely spicy undertone that was a little harsh, but I really liked it. Many of my pals will undoubtedly try your goods after I start sharing a few with them. Bravo!

  3. CadieuxC

    I am cannabis grower for a decade. I am amazed with the harvest it’s a heavy yielder plant. Its a major comprehension for me that each strain has its uniqueness. Also, I discovered that this strain is very remarkable. The smoke was so incredible you can smoke this all day not a huge buzz a perfect nice high.

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