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Haze autoflower is the automatic version of this famous California strain. It has an intense flavor and high and is used by recreational as well as medicinal growers. This strain has long-lasting effects with moderate THC. You’ll love its buds covered with thick resin and the fact that it’s very easy to grow indoors or outdoors.

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More About Haze Autoflower

The Infamous Sativa in AutoFormat

Haze Autoflower strain is bred by the Bulldog seeds and a quite straight forward when it comes to its genetics. It was created through mixing Haze and Ruderalis strain that was developed in California from the 1960s-1970s by expert breeders. They have mixed all Sativa landrace, thereby making Autoflower Haze perpetuated the Haze legacy with favorable highs and taste.

The flavor and aroma are intense as they impressed many users and patients because of its miraculous effects and pain-relieving abilities. It brings a long-lasting effect that is tolerable and a highly balanced sensation; this is because of her moderate THC levels for about 12.00% only.

The growth is truly award-winning as it offers not only great yields but also huge flowers equipped with a thick layer of resin that are sticky. It’s very easy to grow, and many breeders enjoy its growth at all levels because, ideally, it is perfect for indoor growth, or places with cold or humid environments because of her immunity to moisture and diseases.

2 reviews for Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. C. Boote

    This is my new fav Sonoma order! On my lawn, all of the seeds germinated and developed into lovelies. I can reap tremendous yields after 9 weeks of nurturing. Her buds are strong and thick with a pleasant fragrance, and the smoke is fresh and provides the perfect Sativa high while offering you energy to be efficient. For the next 30 min, an intense euphoric high and heady rush take over as it travels from my head to my body, allowing me to be extremely adventurous with my eating habits. This is a seed which I will certainly develop again! I couldn’t be more satisfied!

  2. Payne C.

    It is, no doubt, a cultivator’s delight! And with little care, it can produce beautiful results. Its uncondensed colas are long and densely covered in orange hair. If you look the buds closer, you will see that they are densely coated in gooey resin… I grew this herb for ten weeks and am now harvesting huge yields outdoors. It has a sweet orange fragrance. The flavor is close to the scent, but it’s a little different. It has a citrus tang with a hint of honey. Even though I’m tired, one toke will wake me up like a hot cup of coffee! Its head buzz is followed by a happy and refreshing sensation that made me feel instantly better… It quickly gets to work on me, increasing my vigor and stimulating my imagination. Definitely a 5 star seeds!

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