Blue Amnesia Marijuana Seeds


The Blue Amnesia autoflower strain is a balanced indica and sativa. It’s easy to grow and will bloom fast. This strain requires a sunny environment to grow well and give you large and potent buds with 18% THHC. It is a small plant growing only 90 cm tall. It’s perfect for indoor stealth growing.

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Blue Amnesia Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blue Amnesia Autoflower 

Blue Amnesia Autoflower is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain. It is a strain that’s easy to grow and flowers very quickly. This strain is from the union of two awesome strains: a potent Blue Amnesia and a stable ruderalis.

Blue Amnesia Autoflower requires a temperate or sunny climate to flourish. It must be grown indoors or inside a greenhouse. It only takes 6 to 8 weeks for Blue Amnesia Autoflower plants to flower, and when they do, you will get buds with 18% THC and 0.3% CBD. These are very tiny plants measuring only 60 to 90 cm tall. These plants are small enough to grow cannabis stealthily. However, small plants produce small yields, as this will only give you 125 grams per plant. Train your plants, trim, and prune them to grow and produce more buds.

Autos like Blue Amnesia Autoflower may be harvested all year and will have buds with berry, blueberry, sweet, and flowery flavors.

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