Cheese Marijuana Seeds


Cheese Autoflower cannabis seeds are easy to grow and in fact, goes well with beginner growers. Enjoy the smell and taste of potent Cheese with buds having 18% THC. This plant may be small but can produce as much as 60 grams per plant. It blooms fast and there’s no need for a special lighting schedule because of its automatic qualities.

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Cheese Marijuana Seeds

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More About Cheese Autoflower 

Cheese Autoflower is an indica dominant hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain that has a medium THC and is very easy to grow. It is a beginner strain created from a potent Cheese and a powerful ruderalis strain. Cheese Autoflower needs the sunny Mediterranean to a temperate Continental climate and will grow indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse.

Cheese Autoflower will take only eight weeks to flower and will be as high as 130 cm. Buds will have 18% THC and 0.3% CBD while plants are small and will only yield a small amount of 25 to 60 grams per plant.

Cheese Autoflower can be grown twice or thrice a year because of its short life cycle. Your plants will flower automatically, no need to use a special lighting schedule. When your buds are ready for harvest, these will have cheese, earthy, skunk, woody, and sweet flavors that will fill your growing area.

1 review for Cheese Marijuana Seeds

  1. Anton Garcia

    I enjoyed growing this strain very stable, susceptible to mold and pests, Grew nice long colas with super fat and dense buds. I’m really happy with how the buds turned out. Overall this strain gave me a great experience and finished product that i’m happy with for its conditions and circumstances and i’d definitely recommend it and grow again!

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