BlackBerry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Taste intense blackberry flavors with the Blackberry Autoflffower strain. It is indeed the original Blackberry and simply added some automatic genetics. This strain is potent ready to grow anywhere and will grow faster. It’s best consumed at night to cap a very busy day.

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More About BlackBerry Autoflower

Enrichingly Sweet!


As the name suggests, this strain offers you sweet and intense blackberry flavors and aromas. The Blackberry Auto has been a staple strain in the market for its sweet and unique flavor profiles that are rare in this day and age. This strain gained notoriety for its uplifting cerebral buzz that often results in a peaceful whole-body relaxation that will serenade your lonely thoughts away.


The stimulation of the mind lasts long enough for smokers to enjoy it over the course of the duration.


Growing this strain is pretty easy, compared to others this strain doesn’t require much knowledge and mainly thrives on its own and loves the sunlight as it results in large yields that will keep you smiling for days. This strain is best used during night time for a soothing high that clears the minds and easily invigorates the soul of the users into a blissful sleep!

1 review for BlackBerry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Arber Joly

    Every single seed germinated, this is amazing. An easy plant to grow that was happy throughout her cycle. Every single bud on the plant is very dense. First time having success growing BlackBerry I would highly recommend.

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