Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds


Blue Cheese auto is an indica – dominant cannabis with an average THC amount. It’s very easy to grow which makes it ideal for beginner growers. It requires a sunny, warm or temperate environment. Your dense buds will smell including, earthy, cheese, pungent, sweet and blueberry. It’s ready to harvest year round as well.

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5 Seeds$65.00
10 Seeds$120.00
25 Seeds$240.00

Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blue Cheese Autoflower

Blue Cheese Autoflower is an indica-dominant hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain. It is popular for its moderate THC, and it’s also easy to grow. This strain was made from a potent Blue Cheese and an unknown ruderalis variety.

Blue Cheese Autoflower is a strain that needs a warm, sunny, or temperate climate to thrive. It is ideally grown indoors or inside a greenhouse so you can enhance its yields and size. This strain will grow buds in 8 to 10 weeks with buds having 15% THC and 0.2% CBD.

Give this strain good soil and the best cannabis nutrients according to its phase of development, and you’ll get plants with 325 to 375 grams of usable weed. Blue Cheese Autoflower will grow from 60 to 120 cm or taller when you use special growing techniques.

Blue Cheese Autoflower will be ready for harvest all year with buds with berry, blueberry, earthy, sweet, pungent, and cheese flavors.

1 review for Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds

  1. APaulet

    Growing this seeds is really amazing and the effect of the bud is amazing. It smells like blueberry gives a strong euphoric and relaxed high and you are energetic as well but comfortably so you get high nicely and long. Really nice even the taste is smooth. I totally recommend Blue Cheese auto!

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