Original Cheese Feminized

Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Original Cheese is a balanced feminized strain known for its very heavy yields and top notch THC content. It is a strain that’s not easy to grow because it can be a finicky strain. It flowers quickly in 6 weeks and plants will grow as much as 140 cm. THC levels are average at 18% but yields can be as high as 500 grams per plant.

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More About Original Cheese (fem)

Original Cheese (fem) is a balanced indica-sativa hybrid feminized cannabis strain. This strain will produce heavy yields and high THC levels. It is the genotype of an Original Cheese strain, and thus, it has inherited all the characteristics of this strain with a bonus feminized trait. Because this is a feminized strain, you will only grow female plants.

Original Cheese is not an easy strain to grow, and thus, you should cultivate this inside a greenhouse or in an indoor growing space to properly monitor its growth and development. Original Cheese strain will flower very early in just six weeks. These plants will grow up to 140 cm tall with a THC of 18% while CBD levels are at 0.3%.

When the Original Cheese is properly grown, you can get as much as 400 to 500 grams of yield for every Original Cheese plant. Harvest time is around October.

1 review for Original Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hudson

    This plant had a musky, sweet, cheese odor with Skunk notes that filled my garden. I raise this out, and it delighted me with excellent yield in just 6 weeks. It is indeed a fast growing plant! However, it must be trimmed on a frequent way to reduce moisture accumulation, particularly in the flowering areas. She has a slight fruity undertone when lit and smoked. it allows me to concentrate more and clears all of my worries. I never regret growing this strain!

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