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Skunk #1 Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Skunk #1 is an indica-dominant strain with very high yields and tall structures. It is not for an average or first-time grower as it can grow very tall at 200 cm or taller, and you need to constantly control its growth. You’ll get buds with 14% THC and weed as much as 450 to 500 grams for every plant.

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More About Skunk #1

Skunk #1 (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that’s widely popular for its heavy yields. It was crafted from the union of three wonderful strains: a legendary Afghani, a stunning Acapulco Gold, and a potent Columbian Gold. Skunk #1 is a feminized strain, and therefore, you’re growing only female plants.

Skunk #1 is a very popular strain and is not for first-time growers. But if you have experience with growing weed, then there’s no reason to try growing Skunk #1. It requires temperate or sunny weather and should be cultivated in an indoor setting or in a greenhouse.

Skunk #1 flowers in just ten weeks and will grow very tall at 200 cm. You must control its growth, or else it may topple over with its large buds! Each bud will have 14% THC, and when you consider all its growing requirements, you can get as much as 450 to 500 grams of yield per plant.


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