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Alien Technology is one of the rarest strains as it has a mysterious origin. This feminizied strain has a very potent, kerosene and hash smell and taste. It’s a heavy-hitter capable of producing a steady flow of happiness and euphoria. It’s also a therapeutic strain and can relieve body pains, anxiety, muscle spasms, depression and many more.

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More About Alien Technology (fem)

Tropical Flavors Bringing Euphoria

With its unique name, users might think twice of what actually this cannabis strain has to offer, and perhaps this is also why this particular strain is one of the rarest strains to ever exist. Alien Technology has been brought to the United States from Afghanistan decades ago. This cannabis variant shows up as light emerald buds, and it has a strong kerosene and hash aroma.

This strain hits harder compared to other Indicas, as one or two hits of Alien Technology leads to a high that can last up to 6 hours. This strain gives a steady flow of euphoria, and it can soften the limbs perfect to use after a day of hard work. Aside from this, Alien Technology can help well in dealing with insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety, body pains, and depression.

Cultivating the Alien Technology strain is a great option, especially as acquiring its nuggets can be quite hard. Moreover, acquiring feminized seeds can lead to a higher amount of yields.

4 reviews for Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ernestine J.

    This strain has been extremely beneficial to me! It relieves the pain of my migraine headache. Its high puts me in a relaxed state, and I’ve never been a more carefree and silly guy. It might feel awkward, but this strain is excellent at alleviating unhappiness and despair! This weed has a tendency to make me feel sleepy after I’ve smoked it. just after a whiff of her oaky herbal flavor, you’ll definitely want more. I grew em on my balcony, where they get plenty of daylight, and harvested approximately 530g/plant. This herb is simple to cultivate and is ideal for beginners. I had a fantastic time and would certainly recommend it!

  2. Paulsen

    A fascinating strain that grows well on the inside and out. Her buds are dense and green sticky gooey, with red pistils coated in various crystals. This plant requires trimming to allow for airflow and sunshine, as well as to keep molds and bud rot at bay. When dried, it has a pleasant tropical sour fragrance with a fuel kick, and her thick smoke has a spicy pine flavor that is satisfying! This weed soothes me with a full-body relief while also providing a pleasant high. When I get a fatigue after a long day at work, I smoke a bowl. It’s a lifesaver! I’m going to place another order as soon as possible!

  3. Chris

    Got curious about its unique name so trying to cultivate Alien Technology marijuana seed gives me excitement. And it did not disappoint me, this high hitter gave me the relaxation that I was looking for. And also I am obsessed with kerosene hash smelling weeds I just find it very satisfying and with that, I am so overwhelmingly happy that Sonoma has this potent variety!

  4. CurtisM

    This is my first time growing and I’m a little nervous about the growing. I keep them hydrated they will be fine. Growing this was a real treat the plant has a solid grow and did not care what I did to it. It was my first time growing so I’m happy and hoping for a great success.

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