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Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

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You’ll admire Candy Punch’s amazing growing properties as it can grow almost anywhere. You can cultivate this indoors or outdoors in any kind of growing medium. You’ll get amazing yields, faster flowering and the best smelling buds. Try cultivating this amazing strain and you won’t be disappointed.

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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Candy Punch
Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds
Sweet Tooth

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Strain Specification

Strain Specification
Candy x Fruit Punch
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-10 weeks
Strain Specification
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
450-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
600 g/plant
Taste and Smell
Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene


More About Candy Punch Regular

A dominant sativa strain, Candy Punch Regular cannabis, is a regular seed but offers outstanding punch. From África and Great White Shark lineages, the rise of this strain came to the limelight with its primary offering of powerful sativa effects that slam both mind and body. It can induce a gracious body high with soaring stimulation on the mind, making it powerful and remarkable influences.

It raises the banner of the most sought after strain, that not only offer sativa influences but similarly sativa like medication and therapeutic claims. When thrived, it can develop an extremely elevated level of THC components that could reach up to a percentage of 18.

Reaching up to 600ggrams of harvest for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, the strain will surely satisfy every grower’s desires. Both recreational and medical marijuana users will enjoy the impressive sweetness and fruity tones of flavors and a mixture of floral and earthy aromas. When cultivated, you will be rewarded with remedial treatments and alleviated symptoms of mind and body problems within just a short period of 55 to 60 days flowering period.


4 reviews for Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Fiveash I.

    This is my favorite strain because it keeps driving me insane! It’s fascinating to watch Candy Punch Regular Cannabis buds bloom as they develop. I can grow it in my space since I give it enough light. When I start taking a dose, it persists in my mouth and slams a citrus fruity blast into my brain and muscles. As the fumes exit my nostrils, a rapid cerebral buzz can even be felt, which can last for quite some moment. I strongly hope you’ll take this train folks!

  2. M. Lasseter

    It’s fascinating to watch the buds germinate as they rise. I can grow it even in my basement and I let it in with some light ventilation. I love how it really grows into a taller, more stunning plant with approximately 630g of fresh sticky buds in just 8 weeks. This herb produces an extremely euphoric buzz with just one whip. It relieves my anxiety by giving me time to relax from my worrying emotions. This remains my favourite daytime cigarette. It has a sour lemon kick, berry flavor, and the earthiness of its Ganja ancestors. Because of this strain, I am able to get things done at work and even have extra time to do cooking and cleaning. 5STARS!

  3. Reina

    I am a lover of sweet-tasting and fruity-smelling strains and thankfully I found Candy Punch seeds to add to my stash. Manageable to grow and I am happy with the results of its generous yield. Smoking this sweetness brings back my sanity whenever anxiety attacks me seriously. I thank Sonoma Seed for making this available as always!

  4. ErnestB

    I followed the germination instruction to everything about two days and all seeds have grown delightful with roots 100% germination rate so far. I always have great luck so far. Enjoyed growing this strain overall very easy to grow this strain.

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